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In Topic: The World Cup Thread

Today, 10:50 PM

How many guys in the booth for VAR in the WC? Is it 4 guys or something? What is it in MLS?

In Topic: Metro - Dallas Game Thread

Today, 01:21 PM

one of the bests defenses in MLS is FCD's. i expect a low scoring game, if any goals are scored at all. 

In Topic: Bob Bradley used to coach overseas

Today, 01:01 PM

i remember him suiting up against Austria in the run up to 98, Sampson's beloved "3-6-1". i recall hoping that he and another 3rd div German guy (Mason, iirc) would bring something to that group.


yeaaaaaah, nope.

In Topic: The World Cup Thread

Today, 12:52 PM

i think USA needed a Tab Ramos goal in Panama(?) just to get out the group stage and into the Hex back in 2000. 


miracle runs happen at the world cup. just look at USA in 02. 

In Topic: The World Cup Thread

Today, 10:08 AM

My bad, he was that invisible to me...and to opposition strikers.