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Apathetic and fractured fanbase

24 March 2019 - 09:12 AM

Thread split... Years of futility, playoff failures, miss management, lack of promotion and more sports and entertainment options than any other market in the country has made this fanbase apathetic and fractured. By the way the metrostars did start with good attendance in the beginning. And to add to that just look at a franchise like the devil's. Plenty of winning, legendary players and they still have problems getting people to the Rock. The Rangers on the other hand haven't won as much over the past 3 decades but still sellout all the time and most regular ranger fans can't afford tickets. Also look at the Knicks who haven't won a championship in close to 50 years and have probably been the worst NBA team the last 20 years but still draw and sellout. It doesn't make sense really. These other markets coming into the league are completely different to the sports and entertainment competition provided by our area. They are also helped by not having the history of futility, apethy and being written off by the fanbase like we have. I also think there is also an unconscious stigma against the quality of MLS in this area that we can't get rid of. These other markets are also a part of the surge of popularity of soccer and more specifically the US team around the country that has only happened in the last 10 years.