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Today, 05:55 AM

I have no doubts that Armas will prove to be not good. Bigger the sample size, the more obvious it will be.

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Yesterday, 10:43 PM

The system asks a lot of those 3 guys up front. They have to be able to create offense or we aren't winning games. That's the biggest concern.

Other than that, the team looked well drilled and played hard.

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Yesterday, 10:40 PM

We need offensive talent. It really just comes down to that. I see some people giving Fabio credit and I like that he works hard but there was nothing that would suggest he's going to be the answer.

CCJ is a waste up there. I've never been a big fan of him anywhere on the field but definitely not up there. He just isn't a good enough passer. Never has been.

Gutman appears to be a big improvement over Pendant and that will help big time.

Parker trade is still a massive mistake.

Carmona is super green but shows a lot of physical ability to like.

Diarra was great because he can break up plays. Him coming out definitely changed things. Especially because I HATE Valot anywhere that's not an offensive position. He offers nothing defensively. Scared we have to rely on this guy because he manages to get hurt so often too.

The biggest hole on this team going forward will be the 10 spot though. The guys we have coming will hopefully bring something to the table at those other spots, but watching this formation, those top 3 spots are everything and we don't have a guy to play the 10. I would probably put Valot to be honest. Clark is the only other maybe.

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Yesterday, 08:00 PM

Gutman looks really good so far and that's huge because the position is a massive need.

Frustrated as hell to see Nealis starting even though I like him because it probably means Reyes hasn't looked that good. Absolutely hated trading Parker. Made no sense.

CCJ starting as the 10 is obviously surprising. Looks like we are lacking one because Clark isn't the best passer.
I'd like to see Royer come on for White. Royer will bring something to the table.

Fabio looks pretty good.

Davis still can't pass.

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16 April 2021 - 11:00 AM

I feel good about Clark's shot.  Just curious how he is with his passing. Last year wasn't great there.