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Is MLS going backwards in some aspects?

21 April 2022 - 07:20 AM

Is MLS going backwards in some aspects? Almeyda and Losada's firings can be attributed to them pushing their front offices for more investment in better players. Front office pushes back, seemingly preferring the moneyball approach to the roster? We have our issues here that we've discussed at length on this blog.


We're seeing many clubs, us included, struggling with attendance at home games. Supporters groups getting banned. The league looking like it wants to go back to targeting soccer moms instead of young adults 18-35 with their own income to buy tickets and cars to get to games. I know we're still emerging from the pandemic but I can't remember the last sellout we had at RBA? 


And lastly, the TV numbers are not good. MLS games continue to start at different times each weekend on the major networks like ESPN and Fox Sports. This lack of consistent scheduling makes it difficult to follow the league, even for casual soccer fans. Ratings are bad. They are beat out by WNBA and other regular television programming. This is a contract year and the Don is looking for a record high new media contract but the numbers don't justify his asking price. 


It just seems to me that as much progress is being made on the field with new players coming in from South America, flourishing, bringing the level of play up, the league is regressing off the field?