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Josef Martinez wins 2018 MLS MVP

06 December 2018 - 02:34 AM

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Almiron 2nd, Ibrahimovic 3rd.


If I had voted, it'd have been for Zlatan, LA's defense was bad, they lost/drew a bunch of games where they scored 3 or more goals.


2 years ago the award went to Villa even though BWP had a better season at the striker position, and voters rationalized it as 'can't vote for BWP because Sacha was also a finalist.'


So what happened this year when Almiron came in second?  And then there's the fact that BWP wasn't even a finalist the year he tied the goal-scoring record that Martinez broke this year.

Big picture, it doesn't matter much, (though I'm sure it would have mattered to BWP if he'd won in either of those years.)


I would think BWP would be the consensus choice for Metro MVP in 2018, but Kemar and Adams should probably be in the conversation.

New USL team - Hartford Athletic

18 July 2018 - 07:00 PM

News came out a week or so ago that Hartford will host a new USL team at a renovated Dillon Stadium.


I was really excited for the news, and looking forward to supporting a team in the region. 


Then this week I read they are in talks with the Massholes to become their USL affiliate.


My enthusiasm (and more importantly for them) interest in season tickets went from very high to practically nil.


It could turn out to be a dumb decision, while there are a handful of Revs fans, a lot of people (especially in the Western half of the Hartford Metro area) support NY teams or want nothing to do with the Krafts.


It also annoys me because it perpetuates the Foxboro team's fraudulent claim to 'New England.'


I was kind of hoping that the new team would get enough support to join MLS eventually.  I guess it will take the Whalers coming back for a Major League team to be in Hartford again.