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In Topic: MLS, Red Bulls and Coronavirus

06 April 2020 - 09:45 PM

based on what I do for a living I'm a Paramedic
And finishing nursing school

I work in one of the biggest ERs in Florida and have been in EMS going on 17 years....

I had to study shit like this in nursing school as well... This is not going to end with a snap of the fingers... The human body has no immunity to COVID19.. People can get it more than once and every time have a higher mortality rate.... It creates scared tissue in the lungs if you get viral pneumonia from it and if you survive you're left with scar tissue in the lungs which is COPD and then you are more susceptible to getting it again and worse than before


but what I'm saying is said with absolute confidence, while what you're saying is based on experience. so what I say counts more. #sarcasm


keep up the good work, Milo. be safe.

In Topic: MLS, Red Bulls and Coronavirus

06 April 2020 - 10:09 AM

Just finished S2 today. Even knowing exactly what happens... it's just brutal.


Hope no one ever makes a Metro documentary. (We do have those 3 Shields...)


Also watched the Italian hooligan flick "Ultras" on Netflix. the main character looks like my 5th grade Math teacher, Mr Bellucci. at least this was better than Puerta7, a little better than The English Game, mainly because the score souned very Clockwork Orange-y/Giorgio Moroder-like.

In Topic: MLS, Red Bulls and Coronavirus

05 April 2020 - 06:59 PM

well due to everyone being inside, I started watching S2 of Sunderland Til I Die on Netflix. I enjoyed the 1st season a lot, the whole time just feeling for the fanbase, dealing with all of the turmoil.


I noticed a graphic at the beginning of S2E1, they said avg EPL salary is $4m. avg Championship salary is ~$900k. League One avg salary is $125k. just thought it was interesting given what we know from the MLS Player Union releasing MLS salaries twice a yr. 

In Topic: Random Player Name Thread 2020

04 April 2020 - 11:45 PM

It's not so much cuz they're South American it's mostly because that's the leagues I watch.. I just want guys that are extremely fast like Taxi is and guys that are great in 1v1 like Villa and Berrío...

And I also like those old school CAMs and Deep lying playmakers like how Amado Guevara and Pirlo and Valderrama were


I hear ya. I love having BeIn, get to see Libertadores and Sudamericana.

In Topic: Random Player Name Thread 2020

04 April 2020 - 01:27 PM

it would be my preference to have a lot of South Americans on the squad as well. sadly, I don't think it's happening.