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#1333335 Tim Parker was an abomination

Posted by Komba on Yesterday, 11:31 AM

The Parker acquisition is the reason we have one of the top defenses in MLS. Considering the system we run, I think that's even more impressive. 


He's more than earned a clunker here and there.  All comes down to when it really matters in the playoffs as well.

#1332911 Leipzig poaching Adams

Posted by Komba on 05 September 2018 - 08:18 AM

Who cares how much we get, as long as its more than the max we can get as allocation money?



Either way I think we'll get a legit number though because I believe MLS has to OK the sale.

#1332673 Leipzig poaching Adams

Posted by Komba on 31 August 2018 - 12:57 PM

Not happening... Everyone who matters and would know has said he's going to be here the rest of the season.

#1332546 Metro - Montreal Game Thread

Posted by Komba on 29 August 2018 - 09:11 PM

Well, we appear to be in a real shield race.





Taxi Long Parker Murillo


Hopefully keep rolling along.  Montreal certainly beatable. One player of significance who seems to find a way to get at least one good chance a game.  


Need the offense to start scoring some.  We won't be able to ride the 1-0 games forever and we are getting more than 1 chance a game.  Let's score some goals.

#1332544 Metro - Houston Game Thread

Posted by Komba on 29 August 2018 - 09:06 PM

Was really happy with White this game. Really impressive win and was a great opportunity for some young guys.


That goal was all Muyl.  Just a good job from him.  Recently started appreciating his game more.  Just have to watch him knowing he's going to badly screw up some chances.  It's just a given.  Fully don't expect him to score on plays that a good offensive player would score on.

#1332485 Metro - Houston Game Thread

Posted by Komba on 29 August 2018 - 11:34 AM

Seems like Fidel is.  Last few games he's been on the bench in favor of Collin.  


Thinking he's going to get to play tonight's game.   To be honest though, I'm hoping he doesn't have to play too many more games.  If we are going to win anything significant, it's going to be because Parker and Long stay healthy.

#1332369 Metro - DC Scum Game Thread

Posted by Komba on 27 August 2018 - 08:18 AM

Well, if we're gonna win anything significant, it's going to be riding that back line.  They are all fantastic in their own ways. Murillo so far ahead on the ball.  Except for his first touch sometimes though.  When he's going to receive a pass from any distance, he just screws the first touch up almost every time.  Odd.  It's like he gets so excited about having a potential chance on goal that he blows it.


Good to see Kaku playing well.  He has the best vision on the team by far, so if he's playing well then we are a lot better offensively.


Etienne looked good but he's just snakebit and has the worst luck.  The one moment in the first half where he was in great position to make a play on goal, he blows the touch and we get nothing out of it.  His passing was good, probably should have had an assist, but it still comes down to the results eventually.  

#1332122 Metro - Blue Poseurs Game Thread

Posted by Komba on 22 August 2018 - 08:36 PM

There's an old saying that a team takes on the personality of the coach and there's clearly a difference in personality from Armas and Marsch.  Armas is a little too much zen...Even in those videos after the games, there's a little too much of an "Everything is OK" vibe.   There's been a couple games now that we come out sluggish where Marsch generally had the team coming out with their hair on fire.  Even Taxi talked about it and how Marsch was maybe too pumped up.



Still just sucks though. Robles has to save that.  We are in a huge game against a huge rival.  A shot is being taken just outside the 18 and it's not even close to any corner of the net. 


The other moment for me is BWP.  That ball got laid off to him (I think is Royer) and BWP tries to cut back.  He had a pretty good angle on goal and was easily close enough for Johnson to have far less of a chance of saving it than Robles had saving Villa.  Instead he tries to cut back and a solid chance is completely wasted. Maybe the best position of the game.

#1331773 Abang's loan terminated

Posted by Komba on 16 August 2018 - 08:53 AM

Aside from the few comments I saw Armas make about Abang, has anyone heard a peep about his return (e.g., how he looks, whether he will strictly be a RBII guy, will he get first team minutes, etc.)?  I think this kid has the tools to succeed, but probably not the temperament.  Hope I am wrong though.  Would love to hear that he came back in with a great attitude, is working hard, not acting like a sociopath, etc.

Armas' interview indicated they were thinking the first team.  Forget which day,but he talked about it after one of the practices.  Armas basically said that Abang came back with a better mentality but it was based off of one meeting at the time.

#1331687 Is Armas a good successor to Marsch?

Posted by Komba on 13 August 2018 - 10:26 AM

It really hasn't worked from an offensive standpoint though.  It's not like we are creating more chances. We're certainly not scoring as many goals.  We are winning because we don't give up any goals.  That won't continue either (as good as the back 4 is) because we are still giving up some chances and we are getting fortunate that a lot of these half chances aren't going in against us.

#1331677 Metro - Fire Game Thread

Posted by Komba on 13 August 2018 - 09:12 AM

I'm not crazy with how the team is playing but we keep winning so it's tough to get too worked up.


The back 4 is really just damn good.  Not sure there are many guys I'd have over any of them.  Still believe Parker is better than Long but damn, Long has really improved every single year.  Also thought Tyler had his best game.


I like that Armas keeps putting out our best 11 players, even if nobody really fits at that right midfield position.  Also still believe it would work better with Tyler on the right in comparison to Rza but we keep winning, so may as well not change it.  Royer is starting to roll a little bit so that's great news.  Love the intensity and passion he plays with.

#1330512 BWP -- greatest player to have ever worn the shirt

Posted by Komba on 26 July 2018 - 12:06 PM

He's having his masterpiece of a season in my opinion.  Rare player to get better even as they hit these ages.  


Hope we win it all this year... You only get so many of these seasons in sports.

#1330507 Metro - Scum Game Thread

Posted by Komba on 26 July 2018 - 11:39 AM

Weird game but thrilled we won.  The 2nd half was just awful. We gave up so many chances but lucked out.  


Murillo is ridiculously good with the ball.  It's tough watching him sometimes in the position he plays because he's a better offensive player than anything we could could out there on the right wing.  


Etienne and Muyl are basically the same player for different reasons.  Etienne is jinxed when it comes to finishing plays.  And that's a huge problem.  Muyl isn't jinxed with it, he's just not capable of finishing plays.  THey have some positives in other areas, but we need a player who can do it in the final moment. 


Kaku is great at finding spaces and playing passes.  Our passing went to shit when Kaku and Etienne were taken off last night.  I wasn't crazy about the subs but I also understand Kaku can't be playing every minute of every game.

#1330234 Kemar Lawrence signed

Posted by Komba on 24 July 2018 - 09:42 AM

Taxi has seemed to relax on the going to Europe stuff. Plus the difficulty getting a visa makes that the issue.  I think Taxi is captain material to be honest if he's going to stay.  Obviously Robles will be the guy for as long as he's here, but when BWP eventually does age a little, Taxi can be the next guy up.

#1330197 BWP -- greatest player to have ever worn the shirt

Posted by Komba on 23 July 2018 - 04:30 PM

Sacha was finished... Loved the dude but like many athletes, the dropoff is fast.  Was just confused why anyone thought it would be a major thing to get rid of him.  With how the system is played on this team and how he was out there moving around, there was zero chance at a downgrade.  


Everyone in the league knew what Sacha was and that's why we got the return that we did.  With the domino effect of LAFC getting Feilhaber right after, you even knew the ballpark of what LAFC was offering. 


The return still sucks.  That was a failure, but Sacha was no loss to the team.