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In Topic: This is what we're dealing with

22 January 2022 - 10:14 PM

I look back at the 2010’s as a missed opportunity that Red Bull could’ve established themselves as a dynasty within major league soccer a decade of dominance and perhaps being up there in the convo of most mls cups and shields but ultimately they failed for a variety of reasons and I think ultimately Leipzig rising up the German ranks, buying bragantino didn’t help and we’re now the afterthought in the food chain of Red Bull soccer even though we use one of the biggest cities in the world as our location and instead we operate like this I’d argue a team without the Red Bull moniker based in and calling themselves New Jersey would be more ambitious than them. I’ve seen a team that used to be smart with their business that started around the late early to mid 2015’s and then a club who literally lost its way after its greatest season ever to changing tune and starting a mediocre underachieving movement that I can only seen ending in mediocrity to even failure if things don’t change. Look we can abide by the system but the day the system fails let’s be honest we don’t have the players or talent to really win games and it’s been lacking for longer than the KT era. 

We traded for Lewis Morgan, signed out of the academy/college for some players, signed a mls reserve depth outside back, and brought in another project from Venezuela and also brought coronel back. There’s still a lot of window left yes. The problem is most of the teams that haven’t made moves this offseason are either gathering money in trades or international sales to make moves and it’s pretty clear they won’t sit and do nothing nobody is as foolish as RBNY to sit on a bunch of funny money and still sign academy and usl projects where maybe one every two seasons is successful and the rest are dumped to usl/retire or traded for minimal funny money to other mls teams or they even leave in free agency smartly like Davis did to progress their career. Personally if it’s that KT is striking out in the market again for finding players I ultimately see us adding maybe another project player under 23, two guys on loan under 25 and maybe another inter league trade for a younger player under 25 that hasn’t been bad but also hasn’t been spectacular kind of like Morgan and finally bring edwards back on loan. 

I don’t think the roster we’re looking at right now and even if we bring another 3 project players under 25 who are from other leagues and if we get edwards back and make that move in league will be enough to achieve 7th in the eastern conference. I’d be especially concerned if we don’t add someone or two in the attacking end as this club didn’t even score 40 goals last season and had no ideas going forward. Club could be in for a dark season and honestly with the current philosophy and mentality within the club it’s been a long time coming. You look at the teams who finished above and below us in the east I’ll start with above us everyone and I mean all 6 teams whether they’ve made many moves or not and some are still finalizing moves for potentially impactful players I believe will be competitive I mean one might fall off if injuries present themselves but on paper I pick all 6 teams over us. I think Montreal and Columbus will be good in 2022 I think Columbus bounce back they’ve made a few moves and I think Montreal’s young core is stronger and more promising than ours and they brought in guys as well to improve that team. Below us as well I think you’ll see us in the category of the fringe teams which will be Miami, Chicago, Cincinnati and us. Toronto depending on what they do could also fall in this category but are still pretty unpredictable right now. Mls is impossible to predict but talent wise our roster is bottom 5 right now in the eastern conference and I just don’t think the system will bail us out this time the league is improving and academies are even improving and I think even with a new facility Red Bull if they don’t change their mentality and approach to the first team and treat this team as more of a priority than I don’t believe will be all that much impactful. Personally I don’t think we even have the best academy in the eastern conference anymore let alone mls. The regression of the New York club for Red Bull is pretty astounding. 


In Topic: Some people discuss washed-up players (and Tom Barlow)

18 January 2022 - 05:38 PM

Tom Barlow: he is big, he is fast, he is strong...

I remember celebrating his stoppage time goal in the 90+7 against the Chicago fire last year like we won the lottery even though it was a garbage time goal in a game we already lost…  Shocking that was barlows only goal last year and more shocking it wasn’t the latest goal we scored all season due to Klimala breaking the league record I believe lol.

In Topic: Random Player Name Thread 2022

18 January 2022 - 04:08 PM

There’s a player on Furth in the bundesliga  I’ve started to do a little research into as a possible target option. his name is Dickson Abiama. Says he’s a pressing forward who can also be used as a target man or poacher. He hasn’t looked the part in the bundesliga but when Furth brought him in to play in their promotion campaign in the 2 bundesliga he was a pretty regular contributor and also before that in the German fifth division he lit it up basically. Just a thought unsure if he’d be a good fit or not though. There’s an article I found on his rise through the German football ranks too. 



In Topic: This is what we're dealing with

17 January 2022 - 05:48 PM

Even if we have to stick with the current formula and philosophy it would be nice to see this club more active in the market with trying to secure permanent transfers and trades for players we feel that can fit into the first team. The only payoff for waiting until February/March to sign players would be if these are permanent deals for players we feel that could still make an impact some point soon. In my opinion it’s something we haven’t seen from KT in any window he’s been in charge here not even last winter as most of the guys he brought in then aren’t even back this year.

In Topic: Zach Ryan homegrown deal

17 January 2022 - 05:13 PM

He’s certainly going to be an interesting case but if he doesn’t succeed he’ll  have a degree from Stanford to fall back on.