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Toronto eliminated

19 September 2022 - 12:54 PM

Btw, Seattle continue to be in trouble of missing the playoffs after a horrendous July/August stretch (3W, 1D, 8 L). Started September with 2 wins but lost to Vancouver this weekend. Would need a lot of points and a lot of help the rest of the way. 

And TFC, despite their big Italian players coming in the summer window, are eliminated. Who are the guys that wanted Bob to coach RBNY again?

Barca has limited resources

30 May 2022 - 04:56 PM

now that Lewadowski looks to be available I dont think Barcelona is going to focus their resources on Raphina (United also is linked to him but i'll believe that when i see it).  For Philips feel like he would be a pretty expensive backup for City to get now, versus waiting for another year to run off his contract post world cup.  but with me saying this out loud both would be sold

Barca has limited resources right now, Im not sure thats where Lewie goes if he wants to get paid. And I wouldnt expect City to miss out on a player bc of a transfer fee, their budget is prob the biggest in football right now.

I hope hes able to keep everyone, at least until the Jan window, so he can prove himself. At a minimum, I hope any sales are done early enough in the summer window that hell have time to make signings and get them into camp early enough so they can hit the season running.

Struber's Optimal Starting XI 2021 v 2022

09 February 2022 - 09:21 AM

If everyone had been healthy and up to speed at the same time, I think the below would have been Struber's XI in 2021.  He expressed preferring two forwards and we know they brought in Edwards because Struber didn't rate Duncan's crossing.


Klimala Fabio

Clark CCJ

Yearwood Davis

Gutman Long Reyes Edwards



This year's team, again assuming everyone is healthy and up to speed, which we know they are not.



Clark Luquinhas Morgan

Yearwood CCJ

Tolkin Long Reyes Edwards



The best XI 2022 squad is definitely better.  In the attack, Luquinhas and Morgan are better than CCJ and Fabio.  Tolkin taking over for Gutman is a wash on defense.  The biggest concern is in the midfield with CCJ in place of Davis.  Davis had his best season in 2021, under Struber and next to Yearwood.  Could CCJ see a similar uptick in performance?  Will it even be CCJ and not Amaya or Edelman?

Marsch out at RBL

05 December 2021 - 04:58 AM


Getting rid of Parker, again

06 October 2021 - 02:29 PM

[*]Selling Parker with no replacement 

I think people need to stop making this argument. Reyes had a slow start, but has probably had a better season than Parker. It could also be argued Nealis has had a better season than Parker. If Long hadnt gone down, Reyes could have been brought along slower. And then Nealis & Reyes were both out for awhile. The problems in central defense were not because we failed to replace Parker, they were because our #1 was out, as well Parkers replacements.