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#1399149 This is what we're dealing with

Posted by MTF on 23 January 2022 - 10:14 AM

I look back at the 2010s as a missed opportunity that Red Bull couldve established themselves as a dynasty within major league soccer a decade of dominance and perhaps being up there in the convo of most mls cups and shields but ultimately they failed for a variety of reasons and I think ultimately Leipzig rising up the German ranks, buying bragantino didnt help and were now the afterthought in the food chain of Red Bull soccer even though we use one of the biggest cities in the world as our location and instead we operate like this Id argue a team without the Red Bull moniker based in and calling themselves New Jersey would be more ambitious than them. Ive seen a team that used to be smart with their business that started around the late early to mid 2015s and then a club who literally lost its way after its greatest season ever to changing tune and starting a mediocre underachieving movement that I can only seen ending in mediocrity to even failure if things dont change. Look we can abide by the system but the day the system fails lets be honest we dont have the players or talent to really win games and its been lacking for longer than the KT era. 

We traded for Lewis Morgan, signed out of the academy/college for some players, signed a mls reserve depth outside back, and brought in another project from Venezuela and also brought coronel back. Theres still a lot of window left yes. The problem is most of the teams that havent made moves this offseason are either gathering money in trades or international sales to make moves and its pretty clear they wont sit and do nothing nobody is as foolish as RBNY to sit on a bunch of funny money and still sign academy and usl projects where maybe one every two seasons is successful and the rest are dumped to usl/retire or traded for minimal funny money to other mls teams or they even leave in free agency smartly like Davis did to progress their career. Personally if its that KT is striking out in the market again for finding players I ultimately see us adding maybe another project player under 23, two guys on loan under 25 and maybe another inter league trade for a younger player under 25 that hasnt been bad but also hasnt been spectacular kind of like Morgan and finally bring edwards back on loan. 

I dont think the roster were looking at right now and even if we bring another 3 project players under 25 who are from other leagues and if we get edwards back and make that move in league will be enough to achieve 7th in the eastern conference. Id be especially concerned if we dont add someone or two in the attacking end as this club didnt even score 40 goals last season and had no ideas going forward. Club could be in for a dark season and honestly with the current philosophy and mentality within the club its been a long time coming. You look at the teams who finished above and below us in the east Ill start with above us everyone and I mean all 6 teams whether theyve made many moves or not and some are still finalizing moves for potentially impactful players I believe will be competitive I mean one might fall off if injuries present themselves but on paper I pick all 6 teams over us. I think Montreal and Columbus will be good in 2022 I think Columbus bounce back theyve made a few moves and I think Montreals young core is stronger and more promising than ours and they brought in guys as well to improve that team. Below us as well I think youll see us in the category of the fringe teams which will be Miami, Chicago, Cincinnati and us. Toronto depending on what they do could also fall in this category but are still pretty unpredictable right now. Mls is impossible to predict but talent wise our roster is bottom 5 right now in the eastern conference and I just dont think the system will bail us out this time the league is improving and academies are even improving and I think even with a new facility Red Bull if they dont change their mentality and approach to the first team and treat this team as more of a priority than I dont believe will be all that much impactful. Personally I dont think we even have the best academy in the eastern conference anymore let alone mls. The regression of the New York club for Red Bull is pretty astounding. 


This is absolutely the most doom and gloom take on the club I have read. We won three Shields and made a US Open Cup final in the 2010s, and never missed the playoffs. Not a dynasty but among the best performing clubs in MLS. Where did we rank in wins? We are only two years into this decade and have regressed, but we still havent missed the playoffs. I think we are at least 7th and playoff bound just on the strength of our defense and goalkeeper. MLS Cup playoffs are a four game crapshoot. We could win it in 2022 with the team we have, or we may never ever win it. Look at all the luck NYCFC had. Shootout wins. An utterly depleted Philly squad. Everything that everyone whines about would instantly go away with one Cup win. I dont know. Roster building isnt complete. I guess I just keep this in the proper perspective. We are far from the worst team in MLS, and I would much rather be us with our stadium, training facility plans, academy, USL/MLS Next setup, and future, than our neighbors across the river.

#1398907 Zach Ryan homegrown deal

Posted by MTF on 20 January 2022 - 10:33 AM

Even better than signing Zach Ryan would be if we copied Stanfords red and black hoops kit!

#1398527 What is Red Bull doing in New York?

Posted by MTF on 16 January 2022 - 07:52 PM

How much has the value of the franchise increased since they bought it?  How much does it go up annually?

This is a great investment for them.  Why sell now when the value continues to rise?

Team is valued at $505 million. Thats just 17th in MLS. Read the article. NYCFC can possibly increase its value by tremendous multiples. They are positioning themselves to be a global club based in New York. Why wouldnt Red Bull want to emulate that? I dont think RBG should sell. I think they should invest in the first team, not just in building newer and larger training facilities. Playing in an empty 25,000 seat arena feeds on itself. Its a death spiral. RBG could spend in the top 10 in MLS with its pocket lint. Sign a veteran with name recognition to put butts in the seats and sell more merchandise. Dont just trot a minor league team out there and sit on your increasing franchise value, which is being held back by the strict adherence to the current development philosophy. Not to mention has kept us from legitimately contending for any silverware for three years now.

#1398521 What is Red Bull doing in New York?

Posted by MTF on 16 January 2022 - 06:48 PM

2013 is around when they made the strategy shift. We have won 2 shields in that time

Those Shields were won by BWP, Sacha, Robles, and Dax. Not exactly the youth movement. Do you think the strategy has worked since 2018? Do you think were winning any silverware in the near term? I dont unless they sign some experienced DP level players.

#1398336 Some people discuss washed-up players (and Tom Barlow)

Posted by MTF on 13 January 2022 - 11:45 AM

In raw number of aerial duels won per 90.  That just means it's a tactical thing.

In percentage of aerial duels won, he's in the 80th percentile, 62nd, and 70th going back over the last 3 seasons.  Good, but nowhere near elite.

I wonder if theres a single top flight club in the world saying, We need an elite guy in the air like Tom Barlow in New York!

#1398236 Some people discuss washed-up players (and Tom Barlow)

Posted by MTF on 11 January 2022 - 11:01 PM

Yes. FBRef has him in the 97th percentile among forwards in aerial duels.
If you have information that indicates otherwise I'm all ears. 

Based on 499 minutes played! LMAO!! Hes not elite in any way as a professional soccer player. Give it a rest.

#1398224 Some people discuss washed-up players (and Tom Barlow)

Posted by MTF on 11 January 2022 - 08:34 PM

Barlow is extremely good at pressing and borderline elite at winning arial duals. He's also good at winning races to balls. This makes him useful in the later stages of a game where you're protecting a lead or draw. He helps keep the ball in the opposing end, wins headers in midfield, and is a top defensive marker in the box on corner kicks and free kicks. If you're trying to get out of the final dozen minutes without conceding a goal, he's probably one of the best players for the job in all of MLS, honestly. 
Does that make him useful beyond limited situations? No. Is he overused? Yes. Do I wish we'd sign a player who could do those things but also not completely fuck everything up with the ball at his feet in the final third? Yes. Does he still more use than any of the guys you cited have shown the last few years? Yes. Would those players perform even worse in a pressing system? Probably. 
The baseline for Mathis was starter for a mid-table Bundesliga team. He was reduced to a decent MLS player. That's an absolutely massive dropoff. The equivalent dropoff for an MLS All-Star would render them less than MLS quality, to say the least. Age has nothing to do with it. Players decline differently. Zlatan is still a top player at age 40 while Wayne Rooney was basically done in his early 30s. You're citing players who have absolutely sucked the last couple of seasons. 

Wait. Barlow is borderline elite at winning aerial duals? Tom. Barlow. Borderline. Elite. 😂🤣

#1397715 Zach Ryan homegrown deal

Posted by MTF on 06 January 2022 - 04:05 PM

Really making a joke over rapid assumptions based on youtube, but he did seem a touch slow in movement. I was really making a joke though - I hope he does well.  

I think the college game, even at top D1 level, just looks very slow compared to MLS. At least it does to me on YouTube.

#1397668 This is what we're dealing with

Posted by MTF on 06 January 2022 - 08:17 AM

Sign Felipe as cover for losing Davis. Out of contract I believe.

#1397664 Lol tax cut

Posted by MTF on 05 January 2022 - 10:07 PM

Somehow I doubt taxes were a big factor in Davis decision to move on from Red Bull. I just highly doubt it. Just my opinion.

#1397606 Bradley Carnell to St. Louis SC

Posted by MTF on 05 January 2022 - 12:49 PM

Prediction: Woly will be on his staff.

#1396902 FMR: Lloyd Sam on commentating

Posted by MTF on 25 December 2021 - 08:52 PM

In 3-4 years maybe. I know a lot of people hate him but I actually like Shep.

I like Shep. He is an institution at this point. High degree of difficulty. Acute angle. You gotta be kidding me! High drama.

#1396768 New training facility in the future

Posted by MTF on 22 December 2021 - 07:48 PM

Stadium + New Training Facility > MLS Cup

Hopefully Stadium + New Training Facility = MLS Cup

#1396459 Sean Nealis has a brother

Posted by MTF on 16 December 2021 - 05:40 PM

If I remember correctly, Dylan was much more heralded coming out of college than Sean.  Hopefully, that means his ceiling is higher.

Yes, he was. Correct me if Im wrong, but Georgetown is a better college program than Hofstra. I dont think anyone expected Sean to make the kind of leap he made this year. Hopefully lightning strikes twice in the same family.

#1396140 Post-Metro Exit MLS Playoff Thread

Posted by MTF on 12 December 2021 - 03:09 PM

possible that Thelwell und Herr Struber make the Open Cup a semi-priority. after all, ~5 victories is all it takes. 

Its a very good warmup exercise for the MLS Cup playoffs. The more experienced you can get at knockout comps the better.