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In Topic: Metro Monday?

06 November 2015 - 10:57 PM

So no Tape vs The Rapids? Do u have it? Where can I find it ? Thanks

In Topic: Metro Monday?

06 November 2015 - 07:14 PM

Does anyone have a video or tape of the Metrostars vs COLORADO rapids July 4th 1996 game? . My uncle is Mirsad Huseinovic former Metro. Thanks. . Also any New york centaurs games on tape?or pics?

In Topic: Memories — New York Centaurs, 1995

06 November 2015 - 03:30 PM

I do remember this team and I was at more than one of their games. My stepdad was a sort of "co-owner" or investor in that team. I also went to a few games when they were the New York Fever. Roger Gorevic is good friends with my family, a really great guy and a lover of the game of soccer. They had a lot of issues with the pitch and the coaching was also a big issue. I'm glad to hear people still remember them at least. I still have a few of their memorabilia. An Umbro water bottle and a NY Centaurs Tshirt. The logo was a centaurian standing only on its hind legs and heading a soccerball. I made sure to download the Super Nintendo FIFA Roms as they're part of New York's existance back then. The fate of Downing Stadium is really disappointing. The new Ichan stadium in it's place is not even meant for anything but track and field and couldn't hold more than 5,000. What could've been makes me even more disappointed. This was taken from Downing Stadium's Wikipedia:

So instead of having an amazing stadium right across the river from me, where the Red Bulls would've been so close to home I could've walked to see them... is now just some crappy little track and field stadium with Ebbets Field lights.

I miss those days and I believe Downing Stadium deserved a better fate.

EDIT: Their colors where that of New York States flag.. Mainly orange and white, but blue as well for away I believe. I never saw them on the road so I'm not positive. More info I found

Roster according to my videogame and research (incomplete)

#23  J. St. Andre GK
#3   D. Calichman D (Made First XI '95)
#19  J. Mihalik D
#2   P. Noga D
#6   P. Allen M
#10 M. Husenovic M
#16 O. Slobodsky M
#7   L. Tschantret M
#4   D. Vaudreuil D
#12 M. Osazuwa F
#8   S. Gjonbajal F
       M. Carrera
       C. Llamosa D
       J. Babatunde
#17 S. Daoud F
#15 W. Disu D
#21 N. Kove D
#11 E. Morgan F
#1   B. Oshoniyi GK

In Topic: Memories — New York Centaurs, 1995

06 November 2015 - 03:29 PM

What a team does anyone have videos or pics of the New York Centaurs? ...My uncle was Mirsad Huseinovic #10 anyone??