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Argentina vs Jamaica @ RBA, Tues 9/27, 8pm

25 August 2022 - 02:00 PM

Tickets go on sale tomorrow.  I haven't heard anything about discounts/pre-sale/freebies for Red members. Would consider attending to see Messi one last time.

Ecuador vs Nigeria Thurs 6/2 @ RBA

01 June 2022 - 02:48 PM

Supposedly sold out, Thursday night at 830pm. Anyone else going? I'm going +7, most of whom have been to only a handful of RBNY games

Which is closer to reality?

25 January 2022 - 07:58 AM

I for one do not care at all what they pay players above the DP threshold.  Dietrich Mateschitz has $25 billion.  It has no impact on the cap and it is chump change to Red Bull and its ownership.  Further, its not like Red Bull has been close to having a problem fit under the cap for a long time.  In fact, if RBNY ever had a problem with the cap, I would be very happy.  

This sentiment gets parroted constantly on these forums, but it's far removed from reality. There is no giant piggy bank because our owner is a billionaire. None. If anything, the opposite is true - we have a strict (and limited) budget, and are expected to eventually become self sufficient via developing and selling players.

NBA 2021-22 season

27 October 2021 - 08:09 AM

The Knicks have been my favorite team since the Ewing/Oakley/starks 90s era teams. Unfortunately they've had a bad run since then and my interest in basketball waned

Last season the team overperformed and - more than anything showed off that toughness and grit that characterized the 90s era Knicks.

This year's edition of the Knicks is even better. Still playing tough and intense ball, but also much refined on the perimeter with guys like Kemba Walker and Evan Fournier in the mix. Will this be the year they win it all?