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Like RZA but at 400

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20 January 2019 - 03:33 PM

Hard to judge Kaku without knowing the entire background of his motivation here, but this isn't good. Even if the club makes a profit on the sale I don't see how you spontaneously acquire a player of similar quality and integrate him in time for it to mean anything this season.

Ask Seattle

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19 January 2019 - 11:43 AM

I don't think it is primarily the fault of the FO for soccer not being successful in the NYC area. It has to do with the sports culture, and the difficulty in changing culture. From February, when spring training starts to Oct/Nov, baseball is on all the sports pages and radio/tv sports news. NFL is also on from August on to the end of the year. The NYC area sports culture is MLB/NFL. Other sports get little slices of the pie- US open tennis, Stanley Cup, NBA playoffs. The bottom line is that no society likes to change its culture.


So why is that not the case in other USA cities? Because the other cities did not have the success in MLB that NYC had going back to the days of Babe Ruth. So why doesn't the immigrant population of the NYC area go for MLS, as is the case in other cities? Immigrants want to assimilate and the way to do that in the NYC area is to get involved in baseball because that is what people talk about here. In other areas, baseball is not dominant so it is easier to get into soccer and MLS.


Culture is stubborn. Likewise, baseball or NFL stand no chance of becoming popular outside of the USA (except where it has been accepted - Japan, Korea, Cuba, Venezuela and except for ex-pats), because the culture is different. So what it comes down to is that the Northeast MLS teams (NY, NE, PHI) are basically token franchises for tv purposes. Soccer is going to grow and grow elsewhere in the USA, but not here.


this ignores the experience of the Cosmos and the incredible youth soccer scene and that many people follow leagues in home countries + follow a team in big 4 leagues

I guess you don't watch any NFL games that sell out consistently in London and Mexico City.  


I do agree it is not blame of FO.  It is a very involved issue.

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17 January 2019 - 09:08 PM

https://sbisoccer.co...gainst-dortmund Tyler has trained with us all week,” said Rangnick. “He had a few problems with his adductor after the weekend, but he’s taken part in every session and will definitely be in the squad.” “Given that he’s only been here just over two weeks, we’re really happy with him so far. We knew that he’s a player who wouldn’t take long to settle in, but there’s still a difference between being with us for a few months and years or just a couple weeks.” Adams made his Leipzig debut last weekend in their 1-1 friendly draw against Galatasaray. If Adams does get playing time he would follow several other USMNT players who have appeared in Germany’s top-flight this campaign. “With all respect to the MLS and his development, there’s a difference between being one of the best – if not the best – midfielders in the MLS, and playing in the Bundesliga. So we’ll have to take things step by step, but he’ll definitely be in the squad on Saturday.”

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16 January 2019 - 03:09 PM

We should get Gio do santos. LA is desperate to get rid of a DP. He has not performed to expectations, we could force LAG to pay 1/2 of salary and he can help add some creativity.

to lead NYRB 2?


Super hard pass as he wouldn't fit this system at all.

GDS listed as most overrated player by other MLS players.  have to agree


If you are trying to get consensus on the boards this is a good post.  ;-)