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In Topic: "MLS is Back" Tournament Begins 7/8

Today, 10:56 AM

The USA and, more specifically, Florida are not Germany.  Germany has leaders that believe in science and that has helped the Bundesliga get up and running fairly safely.  Florida isn't so lucky, so a massive outbreak isn't out of the realm of possibility.

It's not out of the realm of possibility, you are right. I just think it's going to take something drastic for Garber to cancel or postpone this thing. FC Dallas and possibly Nashville dropping out isn't that, in my opinion.

It's one thing to say in March the regular season will be put on hold as everyone else is canceling stuff. But four months later, to plan this tourney and then bring all the clubs down to Florida in the past week or so despite the increase in cases and continue to push forward is an indication to me that Garber wants this to happen badly and isn't going to be easily persuaded in the other direction. I don't think the clubs would be in Orlando right now if there is any chance this is gonna get postponed.

Regardless, all we can hope for is a fun event to watch and full safety for the players, staff and hotel workers.

In Topic: "MLS is Back" Tournament Begins 7/8

Today, 05:28 AM

A cancellation can easily happen after the tournament has already started. They are not suddenly immune to a cancellation because it has officially started.

Once it starts there is even less incentive for MLS to cancel because they would look more silly. They have a lot riding on this and aren't going to pull the plug easy.

Barring some massive outbreak where a half dozen teams drop out, I think this tourney goes on without a hitch like Premier League and the Bundesliga.

In Topic: Metro - Atlanta Game Thread

Yesterday, 09:44 PM

This is gonna be either a boring 0-0 draw with no cohesion on offense or 4-3 slopfest with no defending.

In Topic: "MLS is Back" Tournament Begins 7/8

Yesterday, 09:42 PM

I don't know what they can do at this point. They are clearly still hoping that there will be a regular season after this tournament. Dallas and the three teams in that group will have to make up the games.

Everything about this season will be up in the air and could change at any moment. If it got to a point where Dallas was far eliminated from playoff contention, I could see the league just saying forget about those missed games.

In Topic: "MLS is Back" Tournament Begins 7/8

Yesterday, 09:36 PM

They need to cancel this thing. It's obvious the idea of  a bubble league/tournament doesn't work and bringing people from all over the country to mingle for one is a terrible idea.

The tourney starts in less than 48 hours. It's not being canceled.