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2017 Open Cup

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Was on a family vacation this week but did manage to sneak some time and watch the game.  Just a killer loss.  More of the same.  A lot on Marsch for this one specifically.  I've said it a bunch that Murillo is not a natural defender and should basically never be in our back 3.  He's not good enough defensively.  In this formation, I only like him at the RWB spot.


THe Zizzo sub for Taxi was tragic.  Taxi is playing well again and you could even see Taxi look back when he realized he was being subbed off and throw his hands up a bit, like he was confused on why.


Zizzo should never play at any position in any meaningful game. 


No fan of Muyl but he did battle this game.


Adams was fantastic. 


There are some flaws with this team... Long isn't dominant enough and we've been crushed by Collin's injuries this year.   We offer NOTHING on set pieces anymore.  We have no size, and when guys do get to balls, they simply don't finish.  Guys win pretty clean headers, but they do absolutely nothing with them.  Marsch also has to make a change philosophically.  We need more offensive talent on the field.   Veron has proved he deserves minutes, regardless of position.  Especially because certain guys (Muyl) play a lot of minutes and don't produce enough goals.  Hell, I'd even take Keita on the field.  


Killer loss, a lot on Marsch specifically but I don't think this group even gets to the final with many other coaches either. 

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