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In Topic: Burke is the biggest fail

28 August 2023 - 09:43 AM

Yeah, it's not that Burke is a bad player, although he does seem to have started studying at the Barlow Finishing School for Wayward Forwards.

It's just it seems like he was brought in to be an everyday target man, press hard, hold up the ball, win aerial duels, lay it off to Vanzeir, Morgan, and Luquinhas, etc. and capitalize on defensive errors. His body hasn't shown that it is capable of handling the workload of a week in week out starter, plus he is being asked to do it all because of the absence of Morgan, and minimal presence of Vanzeir. That front four hasn't played together once this year, even for a few minutes.

The lack of options around him also puts him under much more pressure, which could certainly impact his finishing.

In Topic: The Fire(?) Lesesne Thread

27 August 2023 - 12:06 PM

I do feel bad for Troy, and, to a lesser extent, Struber.

I am starting to think that Burke was the most critical swing and a miss by the FO. It seems like they were expecting Burke to come in and being an everyday starter. In an alternate universe, Morgan, Luquinhas, and Vanzeir playing off of a strong target man like Burke should have been pretty dynamic.

It's not Burke's fault either. He plays incredibly hard, but he doesn't seem like he's the guy to lead the line on his own without dynamic players around him and he seems like he's a bit too fragile to play 90 minutes every week. He's being asked to do more than he really can be reasonably expected to and he seems to have regressed in terms of finishing as well...

I think the biggest indictment of Troy is how flat the team came out yesterday. Early on in his tenure, there was a lot of positive energy and it seemed like there was some semblance of attacking movement. Last night, there really wasn't any of that  Barlow and Stroud, to their credit, caused a bit of chaos and pushed the team to pick up their energy level in he 2nd half, so those were probably the right subs, but the overall attacking direction was pretty slow and aimless.

Still, with better finishers, that game is probably a draw.

In Topic: Metro - Orlando Game Thread

04 June 2023 - 11:06 AM

Rivas is an awful ref, but yeah, not a ton to complain about on the game changing calls. The 2nd yellow might be soft, but it wasn't a terrible call.

There were a lot of strange calls and no calls earlier on in the match, however. But that's must a typical match with Rivas in the center...it can usually go any way for either team.

In Topic: Metro - Miami Game Thread

31 May 2023 - 08:31 PM

Tom Barlow: Tap-in Merchant

In Topic: Metro - Montreal Game Thread

20 April 2023 - 09:28 AM

Only exception to this would be if you had an Android mobile phone and you are on the road and away from a bar. There is no Apple TV app for Android mobile phones unfortunately.

Android user here. Apple TV works fine in browser, although it's ridiculous that they don't have an Android app.