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Kljestan named captain

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Retiring at the club isnt the only thing. Petke came back for like a year and actually ended up playing most of his career somewhere else. Same goes for Steve Jolley. Also Im not just talking about role players Im talking about true All Star caliber players. Theres no reason why Jozy, Bradley and Howard should be playing on another team. ANd someone like Petke be shipped out 5 years into his tenure here. Now if a player has been here a long time and just refuses to retire despite all signs pointing that way then I can see that but not these guys who are mid career and at the top of their game. Thats all Im saying lets get some continuity and not treat every player like they are merely pawns. Some of them bring more to the club than just what they do on the field.

Not to nit pic, but 169 of Petke's 307 games (that is, most of them) were played here.  Jolley played 120 for  us, 107 somewhere else (not counting the Rough Riders nonsense)


And there are PLENTY of reasons Jozy, Bradley and Timmy aren't playing here.  That's just ridiculous.  Was Tim Howard NOT supposed to have a historic career in the Prem???  Or were we supposed to dump Robles to bring him here when he came back?   Were we supposed to dump BWP for Jozy when he came back???  And irony of irony... dump Dax to make room for Bradley?

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