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In Topic: The Fire(?) Lesesne Thread

Yesterday, 01:10 PM

The reason I'm being a little overly dismissive of even seeing Hurtado in particular is that our loan apparently has no option to buy, making it difficult to sign him even if he plays amazing the last three games. I couldn't tell you why they signed him to such a short term loan when he wasn't guaranteed playing time, I've been wondering since they announced it. Favor to his agent?

In Topic: The Fire(?) Lesesne Thread

Yesterday, 06:00 AM

More Hurtado time would be a dart throw at least. He's looked more like a soccer player in a combined 90 (?) mins than Barlow has in 5 seasons.

Might as well cause yeah Barlow.. but I also haven't seen what others have seen out of Hurtado, doesn't look good enough to make an immediate impact much greater than Barlows

In Topic: Is the season over?

Yesterday, 05:58 AM

They needed more points out of NYC, Austin, and Chicago. All were winnable games and they dropped all but one point. Chicago was the final nail in the coffin for my playoff hopes I just don't see how it's happening now.

In Topic: The Fire(?) Lesesne Thread

02 October 2023 - 07:40 PM

I think the main problem is he's chosen guys to start that obviously aren't good enough to start...

Elias, Barlow, Edelman in some instances even Omir and Luquinhas... Gotta start guys that are in form and that when they start do well... Guys that score... He's too loyal to his favorites..


In Troy's defense, who is he gonna play instead? Everyone else who isn't injured has been equally terrible.

In Topic: Metro - Cincy Game Thread

02 October 2023 - 08:47 AM

Play Manoel in hopes that he scores another brace out of nowhere like he did for us at the end of last year. Maybe it'll convince a team back in Brazil to bring him back.