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In Topic: Struber didn't start Kaku

26 November 2020 - 02:57 PM

Is it not better to judge him on his job last season when he took over with Barnsley on 9 points from 16 matches, and earned 40 points in the next 30 giving them a shot to be spared from relegation?

The hire could not work out, but I think its a little premature to make judgements based on 5 matches in charge of Barnsley and 1 match in charge of RBNY.

Yes, that's why I was originally pretty stocked about him: largely due to Barnsley's success to avoid relegation. This excitement is gone now after the play-offs debacle and Barnsley doing MUCH better without him this year, though hope still remains.

In Topic: What grade would you give Thelwell?

26 November 2020 - 12:36 PM

B-/C+, most important judgement will be on the scouting/signings this offseason, underwhelmed but not worried yet. Better than Hamlett on that front but thats a low bar.

Meanwhile we will get hot takes about Strubers 1 match in charge for the next 3 months. Lets at least give him enough rope to hang himself with next season.

Thelwell is extremely eloquent, like Jesse was before, and you want to believe when he is saying something. But ultimately we need to judge him by the results. He called Struber "outstanding" candidate since the start of the search, and I want to believe that as well. As you could tell, I was very upset when season ended without using best players, but I get the point it is still early, and still believe Kevin.


This morning though I decided to check Barnsley, and gathered another data point I mentioned above, which gave further doubt. What do you make of Barnsley's remarkable and improbable turnaround literally starting the very next game Kevin's "outstanding candidate" left? Should we start to get a bit worried or nothing to it?

In Topic: Caden Clark to the 1st team

26 November 2020 - 11:59 AM

I wonder if the kid can take free kicks for us going forward. We've been absolutely inept in that area since Felipe left to the point where I would prefer a corner over a free kick from good distance. Clark seems to have a pretty nice shot to improve this area.

In Topic: What grade would you give Thelwell?

26 November 2020 - 11:43 AM


Fired Armas way too late
Didnt sign anyone of consequence
Spent 2M on a coach that still thinks Barlow is a better option than white
Unsure there is room for improvement at this point

KoKo: "Did we win anything? F"


These are very fair points. I still feel firing Armas deserves some good credit, though as you said, could have been done earlier. Did you notice how multiple players magically improved shortly after it happened after a pretty long period of stagnation, namely Parker and CCJ? Getting rid of Armas was a big positive step. Yearwood has some potential I feel due to his young age, and he helped with the CDM spot a lot during the season when we had injuries/intl duty, but he sure did fail in play-offs, which didn't really help this season. This might turn out to be a decent signing though for future due to youth.


The most worrisome for me is the new coach. If he is not going to use best players we have at the position in the future as well, that means these players, like Kaku, CCJ, etc, need to be replaced. So far Kevin has not really replaced good talent we had from last year with better one, not to mention get more talent on top of that to improve overall talent. Here is some more disturbing news on that front.


With Struber this year Barnsley could not win a single game in Championship, going for 0W 3L 1D, dead last in the standings. As soon as he left, they went on a 5 game unbeaten streak, and so far without him 4W, 2L, 3D, moving up the middle of the table. That's a pretty remarkable turnaround. Struber in the meantime continued losing ways for Metro in play-offs. Maybe it's not "just one game". Maybe there is a pattern here that's already emerging of not using the best talent, and ultimately suffering inferior results. Don't know about that yet, but I am beginning to get worried about Thelwell's selection based not just on our play-offs, but also Barnsley's quick turnaround from terrible to excellent following Struber's departure.


Given the newly found above info, the C grade may be looking closer to D at this point for Thelwell.

In Topic: What grade would you give Thelwell?

25 November 2020 - 10:06 PM

Pendant was before he arrived same with egbo. Clark was already done before he arrived for most part and hamlet led negotiations. Sims was largely a Covid casualty. Struber is a good hire yearwood a good signing Tetteh was worth the flyer

Thanks for clarifying on Clark and Egbo, let me update initial post. I want to give him some credit for Clark since the move did happen under his watch and there was some negotiations involved by his employee.


Pendant was after he was signed, so I am sure he played a role in this. Sims did ask to be released, but Kevin allowed it and never replaced whim with equivalent quality DP, so I feel that has to stay.