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We need to do a reboot

15 July 2023 - 11:10 AM

This team has too many issues. We need to do a reboot.

We need a change at GK. We should start Marcucci and sell coronel.

On defense, I would sell S.nealis, D.Nealis. I think Ndam could perform just as well as S.Nealis but S.Nealis could get us close to 1 million in allocation money. If a euro team wants Tolkin, i would also sell him if it is a good landing spot for him. I would like mullings and Valencia to be part of the full team.

In midfield, yearwood and amaya should also be sold. We dont really need them. I really like what I have seen from doncor, stroud and Edelman. I also want sserwadda and estrela to get more minutes with the senior team.

At forward, manoel and vanzier should be shopped. They are not a good fit and have struggled. I would be okay with starting burke and Fernandez.

These are small changes but I think we have a playoff team if this happens. Plus, we would be armed with a lot of allocation money if a team is trying to dump someone.

People continue to argue about what constitutes racism

25 April 2023 - 03:08 PM

dude i know this is message board but they didn't tolerate it. 
tolerating would be if he said something and they did nothing. 
They did something about it - they suspended him (without pay?) and added in a fine.  
You do not like and agree with what punishment they imposed but they did not tolerate.  
Maybe you think he should have been made to swim the Passaic?   

They did tolerate it. In 6 games, he will be playing again. The punishment is a joke

He is still a racist playing for this club, representing the league and representing this region.

You know what league takes racism serious. The NBA. What happened when Meyers Leonard used anti semetic slurs? He was suspended for the season and then got cut. That is the message that should be sent but MLS and Red Bull doesn't care. There actions shows tolerance.

Some think politicians care about taxes

24 April 2023 - 03:00 PM

Tbh, the only way change will happen is if the fans contact their local elected officials and call for change. The league is complicit.

The pressure point is tax benefits that nj gives to nyrb and red bull the company. Also, the tax benefits nycfc is getting to build a new stadium

Call on your electeds and say that there should be zero tolerance to racism.

Tax payer money should not be used to support racist institutions and nyrb should not be called ny or nj because they do not represent the state.

Mention how Vanzier continues to be employed as a nyrb/mls player after calling someone a monkey.

tax benefits to any MLS team, nyrb and red bull should be revoked if they continue to support and employ a racist.

Here is where you can find your elected officials:



The future of MLS

14 March 2023 - 05:32 PM

I never liked klinsman but he was right abt US Soccer. MLS and USL need to combine forces and create a true pyramid structure where teams can compete against each other.

MLS pro looks like a joke.

Sturm Graz interested in Coronel

15 December 2022 - 07:06 PM

Looks like strum graz is interested in coronel