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In Topic: The Fire Chris Armas Thread

12 June 2019 - 09:59 AM


You score 2 and get awarded a PK, that always ought to be enough offense to win.

This is my main takeaway from last nights game. We mentally collapsed and couldn't close it out. 


Also Casseres should be in the starting 11, can't argue that. 

In Topic: Florin Tănase

10 June 2019 - 07:33 PM

Strange that we see Romania of all places as some hot bed for players. But hey I'll take anything we can get. I'd be interested to see Kaku in a wing position? Would he drift inside or would be willing to stick out wide get crosses in and use his 1v1 ability. 

In Topic: News from the Mothership

04 June 2019 - 08:37 PM

Sure who wouldn't love to produce more homegrown talents to sell to Europe, be it Leipzig or elsewhere. Hopefully Ragnick can help us maintain and build our organizational structure with our academy - USL - MLS pipeline. It's helped us greatly thus far. 


However what role will he have in improving our first team and other signings. We won't tolerate simply serving Leipzig without prioritizing our own success first. 

In Topic: News from the Mothership

04 June 2019 - 08:10 PM

A rising tide....

This is the best we could hope for I think from such an arrangement. 


i still have a lot of questions over how Ragnick is gonna approach this role and how hands on he will be with us. Having his involvement in an in depth role can only help us I believe but that remains to be seen. 

In Topic: The Fire Chris Armas Thread

03 June 2019 - 07:23 PM