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#1356421 Some people are stopping by the check the site for a second...

Posted by Metro4LIFE on 01 November 2019 - 02:33 AM

Hey Im checking in too...how is everyone?

#1329788 Petke coached RSL

Posted by Metro4LIFE on 16 July 2018 - 01:54 AM

We need Mike Petke back! Sorry Armas.

#1328975 Bob Bradley used to coach overseas

Posted by Metro4LIFE on 06 July 2018 - 12:10 PM

i remember him suiting up against Austria in the run up to 98, Sampson's beloved "3-6-1". i recall hoping that he and another 3rd div German guy (Mason, iirc) would bring something to that group.


yeaaaaaah, nope.

Anthony Mason as a #11 would've been massive. I can see the US Crest shaved on the side of his head, him taking penalty kicks with the bottom heel of his shoe, and him just mauling people to slot in rebounds.

#1328969 Marsch goes

Posted by Metro4LIFE on 06 July 2018 - 11:58 AM

My beef isnt as much with Marsch. Playas gotta play and all that...yes Im disappointed but understand.


My beef is with RB they own both teams and are basically hurting one part of their business to cover the other one. And basically telling all of us to how much they care about having a successful team/year here.


Look, if Hanover 96 or some other German club would've come calling, I would understand. In this case no one has any control over this and you have to take the opportunity. But RB DOES have control over this. They CAN delay this a bit, yet they didn't.


They're the ones who decided to fire Petke and bring in Marsch the way they did.

#1328963 Marsch goes

Posted by Metro4LIFE on 06 July 2018 - 11:38 AM

What a shit organization this is. I mean I dont mind Jesse moving on to Europe but to do it in the middle of a season where the team is playing well to go and be someone's assistant is a shit move.

Made worse by the fact that its not like hes going to another club, he's staying within the RB system so basically our owners don't give 2 rats asses about us. Not that we didn't know this already and not that Armas cant succeed, but who in their right mind does this?


Lastly lets not forget how Marsch came into this team to begin with. By firing a coach who was not only a club favorite, but also succeeding and had no reason to be fired. All so this motherfucker can get an assistant job in Leipzig.

#1311279 Your Lucky Day!

Posted by Metro4LIFE on 07 October 2017 - 07:59 PM

This is your lucky day! Im in the process of purging a lot of my belongings and I found some overstocked MF tshirts we never sold.
This probably your last chance to own one of these, for like, EVER. This is what I have:
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#1311208 Dax traded for $400k allocation

Posted by Metro4LIFE on 06 October 2017 - 12:52 PM

THought this image might help here:


#1310188 Rooting for another country

Posted by Metro4LIFE on 24 September 2017 - 12:40 AM

This is a bit of an overreaction as far as Costa Rica is concerned. ..... They are willing the ball into the goal. In the USA/CR game, not many people were willing the ball into the goal.

Im not sure what your point is. Because in South America people DO abandon their club all the time. But the difference is then dont just not show up(well some do) they end up rioting. To me thats 20x worse. Because you're costing your club money, your costing your club the opportunity to come back, and you end up doing more harm than good. Not buying a season ticket is a more civilized way to say the same shit. You're not abandoning your club as much as you're letting your wallet do the talking instead of your fist.


Second if you want to talk about the country aspect of this, its a totally different ballgame. The sport is just not at the level and as ingraned in the culture as it is in other places. In other places is not even about soccer really its more about national pride, because most of those countries are shitty in everything else. People lives are hard, the government is hella corrupt, you get robbed everyday, and you gotta hustle and scrape for every penny. So the one shot you got to be proud of your country is on the biggest stage, soccer.


America is the opposite. We put out so much crap, movies, tech, music, every single sport, that soccer is an insignificant event. Wether we win at soccer doesnt matter to us as a nation to be able to say we accomplished something. We've already accomplished so much that this is so small. So when we lose, hey its ok we still live in the greatest country in the world. When people in Venezuela lose they gotta go back to starving and dying. 


Of course Im making a gross generalization here but as an immigrant who lives in both worlds. I can see both sides.

#1310184 Metro started big

Posted by Metro4LIFE on 24 September 2017 - 12:22 AM

I remember that home loss vs LA being a hype killer. Up until then people were trying to give the team a chance then all the sudden they bailed. We then hovered at around 15-20K ever since.


I do think that these new clubs(starting with MLS 2.0, aka TFC, Seattle, Portland) went about creating their teams in a more traditional way. Gone where the silly Americanized names(unless it was an old one like TImbers/Seattle), the need to play in football stadiums, the need to be like every other sport in the US, and the over all gimmicks that didnt work.


In came the more serious, more local, and more grass roots approach that most of the new clubs have taken. THe clubs themselves because about more than just the latest name or some foreign opponent coming to play here and became more about city pride.


I dont know why the original 10 clubs still have the old mentality of the late 90's when it comes to running their clubs. All of them except (KC who changed owners) still operate with that old mentality. The mentality of pandering to fans by bring in a high priced player from a lating country to draw in fans, fill the stadium with jockjams, and treat the club like a second class citizen even in their own stadium. because they need to make money.

Its like youre running a restaurant and instead of working on making sure you have the right ingredients, meeting with local farmers, and making sure your recipes are something customers want to eat. You decide to redecorate the dinning room and put up a new sign outside. Yet are still serving the same slop.

I think what we have in RBNY is something unique however. I think we have the negative effect that MLS/Metro left in the area to many soccer fans. Plus the whole weird being named and branded after a soda. Its just never going to be what you see happening in other cities. Not just because we are named after a soad but because the owners themselves have a different mentality. They're not so much worried about representing a city/area as they are about making sure their soda is being represent in a good light.


Maybe if we ever change owners it will energize the fanbase and club to be something more authentic.

#1309876 2017 Open Cup

Posted by Metro4LIFE on 20 September 2017 - 10:47 PM

I'm really disappointed more than anything for the original supporters of this club. The ones who've been there since Metro. I'm pissed and hurt yeah but I'm fairly new to this shit. You long time fans deserve so much more than what this club has dished out year after year. I also notice I drink much more since I started following this club. Is that normal?

You get used to it after a while. It only hurst the first 10 years. Then you sort of expect to be disappointed and move on.


Also I guess the soda experiment is working.

#1309254 Rooting for another country

Posted by Metro4LIFE on 11 September 2017 - 01:40 AM

Damn this thread is all over the place!


First its tough to get someone to root against their own country simply because they moved to a new one. I bet there were Mexicans, Peruvians, Argentinians, Salvadoreans, etc rooting for the US. And Im sure had it not been Costa Rica, the Ticos would've been right next to you cheering on the USA.

All these people you speak of though should be the MINORITY. There should NEVER be a home game for any of the CONCACAF or CONMEBOL countries in the USA. But I dont blame them. I blame Americans. You should be pissed at the white kid in Chatham, NJ for rooting for Brazil or Germany rather than USA. I see these same I-talians from Bayonne, coming out for Juve and not the US national team. Wheres your criticism for them? And Im not talking fresh off the Sicily boat either. Im talking Jersey shore types who cant even point out italy on a map.

THe second point in this thread seems to be about banter. I think that insulting each other is fine in normal circumstances but ever since this last election its just a bit different. You have to just cool it and let it be. Insult each other in other ways that doesn't have to do with race or politics. Maybe our political climate will cool down in a few years and we can all go back to calling each other trailer trash and gardeners and laugh about it. 

Also insulting Mexico is not racist. Mexican isnt a race. Its a nationality. Its just that in this country Mexican = brown person. But in reality Mexicans come in all races, as white as Donald Trump to as dark as Mamadou Diallo(the soccer player). Same for my country, Peru. Shit, we got asians in our heritage too, so how can you be a racist when you are insulting a whole country? You cant, youre just being an asshole. And in the context of football thats ok. Because guess what, that little brown gardiner Mexican, is probably just as bit of an asshole as you are. And probably understands its all in good fun. But I do think that in the context of what happening in the country its better to keep it cool.

#1305922 League Says No to MP & Silva $4B Offer

Posted by Metro4LIFE on 27 July 2017 - 02:40 AM

THis is not going to happen for a while. Its the equivalent of a bar charging $100 a head to get in but then 2 second laters they let people in for free cause they were dressed nicely. If you're the guy who paid $100 youd be pissed.


Also lets not forget that in other leagues the leagues themselves are ran under the country's FA. MLS isn't under the USSF. So how how say, a 5th division team join MLS? Not to mention whats already been brought up before that the league is making bank charging $100M+ in entry fees alone. And the owners see no need for this after investing into the league, stadiums, facilities, etc with the promise of being in first tier football. Again if you were an owner and just paid $100M entry fee, $100M for a stadium, $20 Million for facilities, hired staff, etc, etc and all the sudden they tell you to vote on something that might make all that investment useless. What would you do?


Lastly, the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, etc dont have pro/rel and have done pretty well for themselves and their sports. Even the EPL at some point was looking into getting rid of the pro/rel in order to have more stability, but couldnt because of so much legal crap and set standards that made it difficult. Lets face it there's more than one way to skin a cat and just because it works somewhere doesnt mean it work here or that its even possible. If this does ever happen it will be once all the expansion slots have been sold and add about 50 years after that. Then you can come on here and DISCUSS the possibility of this happening.

#1305917 Bad attendance and atmosphere

Posted by Metro4LIFE on 26 July 2017 - 11:11 PM

. Soccer in the mid atlantic and north east just maybe is not a thing.

You trippin'! Soccer is most popular in the NE/Atlantic. Only rivaled by SoCal.  Its RBNY/MLS thats the problem not the sport.

#1305111 Bad attendance and atmosphere

Posted by Metro4LIFE on 16 July 2017 - 03:54 PM

Hate to be critical of the good work my ESC brothers and sisters are doing. Specially since I cant help. But I do think the overall standard of support has gone way down over the years. I can remember from 1996-2006 there was no supporters section better than us. I mean some where bigger, but none where better. ESC/Metro supporters where the first to bring the Euro/South American style to MLS. First to do streamers en masse, first to bring shit loads of confetti, first to bring giant flags and verticals, first to have an real online presence(No BigSoccer without Metrofan), first to bring those familiar songs, first to have standing only terrace style support, first to have coordinated jumping in the section(and crowd surfing), first to bring busloads of fans for away day matches, etc , etc.

Our only real rival in those things was DC United but even they lacked the creativity. They ended up just copying shit we did most of the time. But atleast they tried. Its one of the reasons why the beef with NE never materialized even though historically NY & BOS are hated rivals. I do have to blame some of that on the whole RB thing since alot of folks who were on the fence on Metro just gave up and left. Quality supporters who would sing their hearts out for 90+ and beat the shit out of the guy next to them for not singing. People who spent time and money to do tifo when tifo wasnt a thing supported even by the FO or MLS. Im sure those guys have been replaced by new fans but imagine if we had ADDED these new fans and not replaced old ones how sick SW would be today.

Anyways to get back on topic the Original MLS 10 have always lacked the support MLS 3.0(heck MLS 2.0) clubs have gained. They have been stuck with the perception that MLS is a shit league not worth anyones time. This is because those teams themselves continue to practice MLS1.0 marketing tactics. Choosing to make their clubs a "family" outing rather than a serious club. And a focus on selling tickets to ANYONE, instead of selling to quality customers who are going to stick around.


If you look at the newer clubs they have been able to learn from the original clubs mistakes and make their clubs serious. Not a place to spend time on the weekends in the summer, but a club that represent you, your town, and your way of life. No other place is this more evident that in an USOC match that is often not on people calendars until 1 week before the match. Thats where you can tell what the state of your fanbase really is. And for the original 10 its never been good.

#1304363 Robles signed to new deal

Posted by Metro4LIFE on 06 July 2017 - 09:14 AM

Stats aside I think that both Meola and Timmy where single handedly winning us games back then. Its not just that TImmy made a save, its that he would make saves that made no fucking sense. Same for Meola. I think Robles is really good, but I just dont see him making those incredible out of the ordinary saves as much as Timmy.


All that being said I do think Robles is probably more important to this club because of his longevity and time here. Both Timmy(Most of his time was spent as backup) and Meola(3yrs + a 4th as backup) had short stints here.