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In Topic: Chris Gloster?

Yesterday, 05:08 PM

I think its very much the same

Ah. not trying to be argumentative, but that's not the same. The rules for US->UK in general are less stringent after Brexit. You said that they are more stringent. Just wanted to clarify that - I think it matters for US and MLS guys in general making the jump to the UK. 


In regards to Gloster, not saying he meets the qualifications, but he is closer post-Brexit than he was pre-Brexit.  

In Topic: Will (when) we sign new players?

Yesterday, 04:17 PM

When Thelwell was signed, I thought that meant that the purse strings would be loosened to try to build a winner because why else would he make such a career change.  Now I am becoming increasingly unsure.  I think he may just have moved for the money offered because RB thought he would be very good at finding and developing talent to transfer to Europe.  

I think the purse strings are open, but they are expecting a decent shot of a return on sale to Europe. I'm not sure you are ever going to get much more than $10MM on a sale from MLS to Europe. That means you should acquire players that are south of $4MM. 

In Topic: Will (when) we sign new players?

Yesterday, 04:09 PM

Is this a serious question?

Well there's some sort of weird equation I guess - how many unproven prospects equal a starting CB? 


Does  +Reyes, +Carmona, +Harper, +Edwards, -Parker equal net positive in terms of roster quality? I sort of think that does. 


Sort of doing some mid-day version of late night bullshitting. 

In Topic: Will (when) we sign new players?

Yesterday, 03:40 PM

As it stands now (+Reyes, +Carmona, -Parker), do you think the team is better than last year?

In Topic: Lineup for next season

Yesterday, 03:27 PM



And now Carmona. so that means 14 senior roster players.


Int'l spots (7):


Jensen Reyes Pendant Egbo Yearwood Royer Carmona 

There are 9 total international spots?