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Today, 11:18 AM

Marsch talked about this a lot, its all about winning the second ball...then passing accurately to the striker who doesn't need 20 chances to bag one goal.



Wish it was this. 

In Topic: Metro - LA Game Thread

Today, 01:50 AM

-------------Fabio White


-----------Casseres Davis


---Gutman Nealis Long Duncan



Maybe Amaya gets some minutes off the bench, if they announce his signing any time this week. Otherwise, I think the subs will be mostly the same.


Nothing re Edwards being formally introduced.


No official confirmation of Klimala's signing yet, plus the whole work visa and all the other stuff needs to be sorted before he steps onto the field.


Maybe Yearwood comes off the bench too.


Egbo being loaned down means that Duncan beat him out for the job at right back. 


Would like to see Harper Omir and Reyes eventually.

In Topic: Struber-ball

Today, 12:17 AM

Isn't that the system as it is designed? To go Route 1 so that the players can win 50/50s, once they dump the ball fwd? If our guys lose possession, just win another 50/50? That's the impression I get. Maybe I missed a press conference or team website article where they detail the rest of the plan once a player has won a 50/50. 

In Topic: Metro - KC Game Thread

Yesterday, 10:16 PM

It's good that after the game, I see plenty of tweets re Clark. Raises the profile re the development of future USMNT players to greater heights. 

In Topic: Metro - KC Game Thread

Yesterday, 08:35 PM

Whole team has looked tired in the second half


Well, it's not like we'll see them play in 90 degree weather with 90% humidity. #sarcasm #Yikes