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In Topic: Pol Fernandez?

Today, 02:12 PM

Would we really buy a 29 year old?

Like I mentioned in another thread they were linked to Ilori (27) and Fede Cartabia (27) this transfer window. Dont think the reporter would just BS the link.

In Topic: Parker could be, and is, traded

Today, 11:15 AM

I can understand and accept that, but I don't have to like it!
I think there's value in having experienced players who are "winners" on the team. Guys who have been in highly competitive situations before and came out on top.
After he left NY, BWP was asked on the Footy Talks podcast about Red Bull's playoff struggles and his suggestion was essentially that we were too young to handle the the pressure of a playoff run.
I think the turnover is way too quick, you know, not just because Ive gone now, began the familiar refrain. I think theyre just a little bit too quick to let players go when its more about the age than what they can do on the pitch. I think the way they play, the system is unbelievable But I think it will be tough for them to win a MLS Cup against what other teams are doing I think it puts way too much pressure on the young guys to come in and win a trophy, win a cup.

While most of the players weve been linked to so far have been 21 and under our head of sport and coach have said that they value experience.

They tried to loan in a 27 year old Ilori and were at least somewhat interested in a 27 year old Cartabia, so while the Red Bull model is well established I think there is more opportunity to acquire players outside of the restrictions than there has been in the past.

In Topic: Stoke right back Tom Edwards?

Today, 10:50 AM

Tactical analysis of stoke with edwards as RB in a 442 skinny diamond - some of the images don't load. Maybe this is a Struber target?

Good find. Seems that Edwards had some success and was well liked by former Stoke manager Nathan Jones whose preferred formation is a 4-3-1-2 or diamond midfield.

After Jones was fired and Martin ONeill was appointed Edwards lost his place and was loaned out.

In Topic: Stoke right back Tom Edwards?

Yesterday, 07:06 PM

Egbo can go. Replacement-level player.

Yeah thats fine, but if the idea is for Edwards to be a backup to Duncan its kind of a pointless trade off. One international backup RB out and another in.

This move only really makes sense if Edwards is given a fair shot to win the starting job, or is expected to start somewhere.

In Topic: Stoke right back Tom Edwards?

Yesterday, 06:28 PM

Right back not a position of need and potentially using an international slot on a backup right back? Egbo or Duncan on their way out? 
Glad to see rumors but rather they would address the needs of the roster. 

I cant imagine using 2 international spots on backup RBs which is why this is perplexing without knowing the motivation.

Either Struber/Thelwell dont rate Duncan that highly, which would be surprising considering his performance last season and/or someone is on the way out.