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In Topic: Metro - Atlanta Playoff Thread

16 November 2018 - 03:44 PM

They were already up a goal in the aggregate and had 2 away goals. In that situation playing conservative/bunkering at home makes a lot of sense. All I have argued is that it is a riskier strategy to start a two game playoff series at home. If they were starting on the road at RBA, then it makes a lot more sense.
i agree that it will be a tight series and could go either way and could come down to away goals.

First, I acknowledged they were up 1-0, with an away goal.

Second, they were up 1-0, not 2-0; they had 1 away goal.

Third, it doesnt why they bunkered, it matters that they did so successfully. In the City match they looked at the aggregate score and away goals and felt bunkering was the way to go. Against us, they can look at the two matches this season and see NOT bunkering doesnt work and decide to bunker and counter.

In Topic: Metro - Atlanta Playoff Thread

16 November 2018 - 02:16 PM

How many times do we bunker? Not often because it doesn't our approach. Have you considered that Atlanta may not be a natural bunkering team either? They will be at home and they are an attacking team. Our aggressive press has risks  and bunkering has risks.

I have considered ATL won't bunker and I wouldn't surprised at all if they don't.  But they played a bunker last week at home and it was very successful.  I know, different circumstances - they had an away goal, they were winning 1-0 an aggregate, and City is not anywhere near as good as us.  They've been unsuccessful against us playing their normal, attacking style, so should it surprise anyone if they try something different, something they just worked on in their last match?  That's all I'm saying.


We can agree to disagree on away goals.  I said they weren't as important as wins, but these are the two teams with two of the top three point totals in MLS history, it's not a wild scenario to see us trade wins, be tied on aggregate, and have away goals be the tiebreaker.

In Topic: Metro - Atlanta Playoff Thread

15 November 2018 - 05:32 PM

"It's not as if we haven't learned things too."


We won the most games because everyone was able to beat us with the bunker... :blink:


In the regular season where a single loss or a tie won't sink your season, that might be a viable strategy, but if your conservatism leads to you falling behind us by an early goal you put yourself at real risk. Then Atlanta would be forced to open it up and that is when they would be most vulnerable to us going Postal on them.


I am not saying the bunker isn't a viable strategy, but in our last 22 games since our US Open loss to Philly we have recorded 12 shutouts. We aren't exactly a sieve.

I never said we couldn't or shouldn't beat the bunker.  I was only arguing the bunker is a good strategy against us.  Yes, we had the best regular season in MLS history, partly because we've been able to beat the bunker... sometimes.  We did have losses this season and those losses typically came against teams that bunkered.


You know who didn't bunker against us?  ATLANTA!  How did they do in their two matches against us this year?  Not so good.  They tied for the second best season in MLS history and we destroyed them twice.  They know they can't go toe-to-toe with us playing their game.  So maybe they they take a page out of Chicago's book (who did beat us at home, albeit early in the season, by bunkering) and bunker.  Will they? I don't know.  I would not have expected them to, except we saw it from them this weekend.


And, your logic about home in the playoffs versus the regular season is backward.  In the regular season you can win a game 3-2 at home and you get the same three points and the same goal differential as if you won 1-0. In the playoffs, a 3-2 home win is significantly worse than a 1-0 home win because of Away Goals.  Clean sheets at home aren't as important as wins, but they are pretty important.


We should beat ATL no matter their strategy.  But, I'm more concerned if they bunker and counter because I'm guessing Almiron and Martinez will be better at countering than the teams that have beat us this year.

In Topic: Long, Parker, Adams called in for USMNT

15 November 2018 - 04:27 PM

Trapp playing over Adams is stupid. 

I doubt Trapp's mom rates him over Adams.  Probably just being cautious with him because his team still alive in the playoffs.

In Topic: Metro - Atlanta Playoff Thread

15 November 2018 - 12:12 PM

I hear what you are saying, but...you are assuming a bunker strategy would keep us from scoring AND still allow them to score.

Dude, plenty of teams that did NOT have Almiron and Martinez have been able to find the net when bunkering against us.