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Loans within the league

29 October 2018 - 09:11 AM

Wolly is unbelievable. Legend.

I'm sold on Armas now, but playoff games like this one are why I wanted Woly to be the first team coach.


Watched this game from start to finish.  Such a fan of Yanes.  That kid is an MLS player.  THe only thing that sucks is that he plays the same position as the best left back in the league.  Where someone like Kutler is really good on the ball, he's just not a good defender. Yanes actually is a good defender but he's also a very smooth passer.  Athletically isn't amazing, but definitely good enough for MLS.

MLS clubs as a whole need to start loaning players like Yanes out to other MLS clubs.  Send him to a team out West.  Then if Taxi stays, they can make the move permanent.  If Taxi does make a move to Europe in the next few years, bring Yanes back (if he's playing well).  I say this knowing we've done it a few times and it hasn't worked out, at least in terms of getting guys like Meara and Allen MLS minutes.

Some think that Adams should play the 10

27 June 2018 - 03:36 PM

No doubt, thats why this is about who plays in Royer's spot, which i think needs to offer more wing-like play since Valot plays his side more like an attacking 2-way mid.
DE7 has 120 less minutes (and several less seasons) played than Muyl with 1 more point of production. And its an eye test thing. The offense flows and has ideas when Etienne is out there, less so when a fullback is up in attack. He needs a little more hunger for goals, but I think folks are being way too harsh on DE for his misses v Philly. Good things happen when he's out there. 

Id like to see it too, but Marsch seems reluctant to play Etienne as a winger.  I get that he gives you a lot less defense than Muyl, but against teams that bunker who cares?  Toronto probably wont bunker, so I get Marsch going to with Muyl this match.

What Id really like to see is Tyler at the 10, like in the second leg of the playoffs last season. TFC still runs through Bradley, and I like the idea of having Tyler there stopping their attack before it starts.  Move Kaku to the wing and play RZA next to Davis.  Muyl or Etienne first off the bench, depending on whether were trying to hold on to a lead or need a goal.  

Our success in player development

11 May 2018 - 11:35 AM

The miracles that this team works are the result of putting money and effort into player development, which is something that the smart organizations in this league are going to copy.

Thats what worries me about the future - what happens to us when teams much higher on the payroll scale start copying our success in player development? In baseball, the As were ahead of the curve on sabermetrics. They had a bunch of really good seasons, but never won anything. Then mosteveryone in MLB copied them and the teams that use statistics AND have a big payroll (Red Sox, Yankees, Cubs) are winning Championships while the As hope to maybe be competitive for a Wild Card spot.

As it stands, I think were setup well because no one has the quality of our Academy or USL system, but that could change.

Some people are smart; others are not

18 March 2018 - 03:05 PM

You can get an education (or not) at any age. You can only be a 20 year old pro athlete once tho.

Not necessarily from Stanford. Dont get me wrong, Im glad these kids are signing pro contracts - their games are going to develop much better here than at college. Im just saying, passing on a top five academic school is a tough call.