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14 March 2010 - 09:27 AM

The forums are now at www.section8chicago.com/forums

Scarf Contest Winners

11 February 2010 - 03:14 PM

Here are the 5 winners. They will be available for purchase shortly on our online store. $100 for all 5 or $25 each. The 5 pack will only be for sale at this time.

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Thorrington interviews Pause

02 November 2009 - 10:31 PM

Pretty funny stuff.


Fire's response to flares

18 July 2009 - 12:54 PM

July 17,2009

Mr. Ben Burton
Chairman, Section 8

Dear Ben,

Section 8 and all the distinctive groups that form the section have been a vital and integral part of the success of the Chicago Fire organization since its inception. Its passion and commitment add energy to our match environment unduplicated by any other sport in our city or the league. As you know, we encourage and support the continued growth of the section and have worked cooperatively with you to do that. Together we will continue to grow and win championships on and off the pitch.

The Chicago Fire is committed to providing a unique and passionate game atmosphere that is safe for all its fans. There have been several incidents involving the unauthorized use of flares at recent Fire games. At the July 11 th match versus the Columbus Crew flares were ignited in sections 117/118 setting off fires and causing numerous potentially life threatening situations. As you know from our stated club policies, flares and other related items are expressly prohibited from Fire matches. Due to these incidents and a recurrence of the use of flares in sections 117/118 in recent matches, we must now make significant changes in order to ensure the safety of all. The use of flares cannot continue and the measures that will be taken will enforce our zero tolerance policy. MLS, the Chicago Fire, TOYOTA PARK, Village of Bridgeview, and local law enforcement agencies discussed and agreed upon additional safety measures that will be effective immediately.

The following is an outline of the steps the Chicago Fire will take effective July 18th, 2009 at the San Jose Earthquakes game at TOYOTA PARK:

  • Anyone found to have a flare in their possession will be banned from Toyota Park indefinitely.
  • Monterrey Security will have an increased security presence in and around Sections 117/118 where incidents involving flares have taken place during recent games.
  • Until further notice, banners larger than 3x5 feet are prohibited at TOYOTA PARK because such items have been utilized as a cover to ignite flares and they could be highly flammable.
  • Investigations into past incidents involving flares are currently in review and any individual identified will have their ticket privileges revoked and will be banned from TOYOTA PARK.
The Chicago Fire is open and willing to finding a controlled and safe alternative solution to pyro displays instead of the use of flares. However, we cannot tolerate any act that endangers public safety.

The entire Fire organization looks forward to seeing you and the rest of the Section 8 supporters on Saturday and beyond.

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Dave Greeley / LD

CC: Chicago Fire -Mike Humes, Becky Carroll, Emigdio Gamboa, Jason Kolisch; Toyota Park -Dan Garnett; Village of Bridgeview -Deb Augle; Monterrey Security -Juan Gaytan

An official response from Section 8 Chicago will be forthcoming.

Added Friday July 24th, 2009.

July 24, 2009

Dave Greeley
President, Chicago Fire Soccer Club

Dear Mr. Greeley,

We received your communication on July 17th, 2009 regarding your concerns about recent incidents at Chicago Fire matches. Section 8 Chicago would like to make clear the following points in response:

• As your letter stated, the passion and energy of Section 8 and its component groups and independent supporters is “unduplicated by any other sport in our city or in our league.” We remain committed to assisting supporters in their efforts to ensure we are the standard-bearer in MLS support.

• We are concerned that there is no mention in your letter that Section 8 Chicago has long actively pursued a mutually satisfactory solution to achieve the stated desire in your letter for “controlled and safe pyro displays” in pursuit of this end.

• Despite our well-documented efforts towards implementing such safe pyrotechnic displays over the past three years and promises from Club management to help us achieve this mutually-agreed goal, our concerns have been continuously ignored. Further, we have received no assistance from you in moving towards it. This neglect has prevented the implementation of positive measures to improve public safety, the purported motivation behind the punitive measures outlined in your letter.

• Your failure to engage in a meaningful dialog with Section 8 Chicago regarding recent incidents before unilaterally implementing punitive measures is detrimental to the health of the long-term relationship between supporters and Club management.

• When Club management fails to communicate—and fails to work in good faith—with Section 8 Chicago, it undermines the role of Section 8 Chicago as a recognized liaison between supporters and Club management.

• Section 8 Chicago believes that it is imperative to the future of the club that the integrity of the relationship between supporters and management improves to facilitate positive progress on this and other issues of mutual concern. While we do not feel the situation is irreparable, we do believe any continuation of the lack of urgency from Club management that we have witnessed over the previous three years has the potential to cause drastic and permanent damage to the relationship with supporters and to the integrity of the Chicago Fire Soccer Club as a whole.

Section 8 Chicago remains as ever committed to support of the Chicago Fire on the field and open to dialog with Club management off the field. We look forward to cooperating in the necessary immediate action to repair the relationship between supporters and Club management on this and other issues of concern.


Benjamin Burton
Chairman, Section 8 Chicago

cc: Javier Leon, Mike Humes, Becky Carroll, Emigdio Gamboa, Jason Kolisch, Dan Garnett, Deb Augle, Juan Gaytan