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The name thing, again

22 April 2020 - 08:55 AM

What do you think prevents this team from having an organic and enthusiastic, stadium-packing fan culture around it, like SKC or Portland?


Where would you rank "Red Bull New York" among the best and worst names/identities/logos of all the pro sports teams in NY & NJ?

let me put on my Long Island Medium wig and make a guess....  I'm getting a sense that you believe the RB name/identity and logo is  the reason we don't have an organic and enthusiastic, stadium-packing fan culture.     How'd I do? 

Omir and Duncan on provisional Olympic roster

27 February 2020 - 10:38 AM

good for them, bad for us

Sean Davis is 26 years old

09 February 2020 - 02:14 PM

The new free agent rules will apply to Sean Davis and Alex Muyl after this season assuming they don't re-sign. (Davis will be 27 with 6 years in MLS, Muyl will be 25, with 5 years in MLS) 

Wow... thinking about Davis being 27...  gotta assume he'd be light years better at this point if he didn't waste 4 years development in college.   I still think he has upside, and last year was a step in the wrong direction for him, almost certainly due to Armas.    He came along right at the turning point, before guys like Miazga blazed the trail (not that Miazga was likely choosing between MLS and Duke).  I have this unlikely scenario in my head where he steps up and turns into our Jordan Henderson.

Matty Ice was a HUGE swing and a miss

28 December 2019 - 01:16 PM

Do we have a track record of failed international signings of players that age and price tag? Jorgensen is one. Is that it? That's what we're going to base this off of? Would signing Barcelona defenders be a shitty idea since we have a "bad track record" of that, AKA one failed attempt?


Please enlighten me as to the similarities between Jorgensen and this guy that go beyond "young guy who didn't crack the senior team yet."

I completely understand the import of tiny sample size.   That said, Matty Ice was a HUGE swing and a miss.    They fully expected him to be playing most of last season on the senior squad, and he never proved himself a real starter on the reserves.  What have you seen from this group that gives you any confidence in their ability to find a difference-maker at that age and budget?   I have very little confidence in their ability to find a difference maker at any age or budget, but at least the magic invisible hand of the market will give you some idea that a more proven, higher-priced guy will be a more-proven, higher priced guy.  

New logo, if anyone cares

11 November 2019 - 09:04 AM

new logo shit, as if anyone cares https://www.reddit.c..._red_bull_gmbh/