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In Topic: Long, Parker, Adams called in for USMNT

16 November 2018 - 04:56 PM


I'd like to see him get called up for the January camp.

In Topic: Long, Parker, Adams called in for USMNT

16 November 2018 - 04:39 PM


Wouldn't Tyler be Trapp's replacement in that scenario? It doesn't make the best use of his motor but he's a better pure 6. I see what you're saying though, its like we a bunch of quality 8's without any clear-cut choices at 6 or 10.

Sure, you could put either Adams or McKennie back there instead of Trapp (and I think either would be better than Trapp), but you still need a third center midfielder.  Unless you play a pure 4-4-2, with only 2 center midfielders, 2 wide midfielders and 2 strikers.

In Topic: Long, Parker, Adams called in for USMNT

16 November 2018 - 03:10 PM


Its really weird, its not even like there's much a controversy here, 98% of the reputable pundits out there are scratching their heads around Trapp being such a central piece of the team over the last year too.

Sarachan likes him and I guess Berhalter likes him.  He's got maybe 10 caps and he's been captain something like 6 or 7 times.  Some coaches see something in him.


Problem is, there's no clear cut replacement for Trapp right now.  To me, the most promising central midfield would be Acosta, Adams and McKennie.  But is Acosta better than Trapp right now?  I don't know if Green can cut it internationally at center midfield and I think Pulisic is much better out wide.  You could bring Alfredo Morales in for Trapp, he's playing for a bad Bundesliga team but hasn't really distinguished himself in the past with the national team.  Danny Williams hasn't played in what seems like a year.  Maybe you put Nagbe at attacking center midfield with Adams and McKennie behind him, but I'm not sold on Nagbe at this level either.   You could for the next year or two keep running Bradley or even Bedoya out in center midfield instead of Trapp, but that's probably not going to help us in Qatar (if we make it there).


There's a U20 kid, Mendez, who's pretty well regarded and is going over to Freiberg soon.  But who knows how good he's going to turn out to be.


If only Dax was a few years  younger.

In Topic: Long, Parker, Adams called in for USMNT

16 November 2018 - 02:56 PM

didn't watch the game but everything i read says that we were terrible, and that Trapp specifically was terrible.  The lone bright spot was - wait for it...Tyler Adams.


How the hell is Trapp even on the roster, let alone the captain? The team needs a complete overhaul once the new coach gets appointed. Unfortunately, if the new coach is indeed Berhalter, then that means 10 more years of Trapp in the middle.

It's all relative, basically nobody looked good.  It's hard to say that Trapp was any worse than anyone else.


Pulisic was ineffective but at least he was involved.  Adams looked good in a short shift.  Can't say anything good about anyone else.

In Topic: Long, Parker, Adams called in for USMNT

12 November 2018 - 04:51 PM

Nagbe pulled out with an "injury". He played 89 minutes vs NYCFC.

Guzan is still going, but Steffen has pulled out with a hamstring strain.  I wonder if that limited him yesterday.  He sure did not look good on the third goal.


Steffen has been replaced by Jonathan Klinsmann.