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In Topic: Metro - Chicago Game Thread

30 April 2022 - 10:35 PM

Some crazy reffing, but ball don't lie!

In Topic: Ashley Fletcher no longer a rumour

26 April 2022 - 08:42 AM

Plus Watford got him on a free transfer, don't think they'd be looking to hold him hostage for a ridiculous fee.

In Topic: Ashley Fletcher no longer a rumour

26 April 2022 - 08:40 AM

Nobody knows the transfer fee but I'd be amazed if it was anything less than one that makes him a DP.

If you believe TransferMarkt is accurate, he is valued at about $2 million.

In Topic: Ashley Fletcher no longer a rumour

25 April 2022 - 07:53 PM

He is rusty. I had the feeling by the look of it, but just checked his stats, he played 265 minutes for Watford since August. I think that explains a lot. He's not sharp yet. Also explains why they've been so conservative with his minutes.

I've said it in other places, I have hope. He's got quality, once he finds his footing I think he'll produce. What also stands out to me is that he seems to want to be here and is fitting in with the team. Also love the "2-0" gesture he made to Orlando fans while walking to the bench.

In Topic: The Nets play in Brooklyn

24 April 2022 - 11:48 PM

How about your parents? Grandparents?

What does that have to do with me not being a transplant?

You have to be a third generation Brooklynite in order to not be considered transplant now? Wasn't aware.