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In Topic: Patryk "The Devil" Klimala no longer a rumour

Today, 02:11 PM

Saying that shows Klimala to be "bad" indicates that you have no idea what those numbers mean and how data analysts measure competency.


It means Klimala drastically underperformed his expected goals output. There are two ways to interpret that. One is that he's a shit finisher. The other is that he was making good runs and getting into good positions but got extremely unlucky. The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. Data analysts at RBNY like Sam Goldberg have access to much more indicative data, mainly post-shot expected goals based on shot trajectory, goalkeeper positioning, etc. That will tell a better story. Is it that his shots sucked or that GKs were making great saves?

In Topic: Daniel Royer Appreciation Thread

Today, 10:33 AM

Future Metro HOF. Easy call there. 

In Topic: Releases

Today, 10:31 AM

I'm very much hoping that the lack of mention of trying to retain Gutman is because he's property of another MLS team and not because it's been ruled out. 

In Topic: MLS Free Agency 2021-22

Today, 09:48 AM

Stroud would not start for our team. Ability aside, he's a wide player that doesn't fit our system. 

In Topic: MLS Free Agency 2021-22

Yesterday, 07:17 PM


My blind guess is that, aside from us always releasing shit on delay, they want to give the social team some time to put together a decent goodbye for Royer.