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In Topic: Miazga rejects extension

Today, 04:34 PM

Sure it could. Miazga lead the team to a top 5 defense playing next to a guy so slow that he set the team's single season record for yellow cards entirely through professional fouls. Chelsea doesn't shell out $5M for a guy who isn't dominant in MLS. I wouldn't let a few bad months in France taint your memory of the guy, he was a pleasure to watch play here.

$5 million for a club like chelsea is not a lot. They are taking a flyer on the guy. They can make up that money with loan fees and a low transfer fee if he becomes a bust.

And when he left he only established himself as a starter for 1 season. And played only 34 games at the pro level. The kid was good but not an MLS best. It was obvious that he still needed more experience

In Topic: Miazga rejects extension

Today, 03:17 PM

Shame he did not have one of our resident MF experts,
to advise him to stay here rather than go to Europe.
How is your crystal ball for Tyler Adams?

Adam's is ready. He was dominating MLS last year. The same could not be said with Miazga when he was with rbny

In Topic: Miazga rejects extension

Today, 01:21 PM

Hasn't he done that already? He was first choice to play alongside Brooks in 2018, ahead of a guy like Long who played every available minute in MLS.

2018 doesnt mean anything. Look, Acosta played a lot of minutes in 2018 and he just got cut in January camp. Pulisic is the star of the team but barely played in 2018.

Miazga was lucky he got any pt with the nats since he didnt get it with nantes or chelsea.

Now, let's see if he makes it to the gold cup roster.

In Topic: Miazga rejects extension

Today, 11:29 AM

How much? Compared with Chelseas offer?

Listen, you made it sound like he was going to be poor if he stayed in MLS and that was not factual. He was offered a DP contract and he rejected it.

The figure was never made public but it was prob more than 450k and less than 800k. The kid would have not starved and he would of cemented himself as the CB starter for the USMNT. Who knows what would of happen if this occurred... maybe he starts over omar Gonzalez and we have a different result against TT.

Who ever advised him, did a poor job. You cannot be serious and say that he improved as a loaned player in chelsea. He is no where near the player he was supposed to be at age 23.

Right now, this is a crisis for him. He needs to go to a club that has him as a key part to their defense. Doesnt matter if its MLS or Netherlands

In Topic: Miazga rejects extension

Today, 10:48 AM

How much did his salary improve? Ten-fold?
No one making $60K is going to listen to someone telling them to stay put and turn down $600K.
This season has been disastrous for Matt so far.
His first two seasons went OK.
He is reportedly under contract until June 2022
Chelsea will find somewhere to place him.
The only good news is that he did not fly back to England with Sala.

His salary would of improved regardless if he signed the DP contract that was offered to him.