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In Topic: West Ham bid for Long rejected?

Today, 04:23 PM

2 years and 4 windows worth of inactivity make Denis more than just a liar. All bad adjectives

Matty Ice!

In Topic: West Ham bid for Long rejected?

Today, 04:03 PM

Exactly. The club has shown they won't reinvest funds from transfers or make good use of freed-up cap space, so as a fan, it's absolutely pointless to want them to sell.

Huh?  Hamlett specifically promised they would reinvest the Murillo windfall to reinforce the roster.  Are you calling him a liar?

In Topic: West Ham bid for Long rejected?

Yesterday, 03:11 PM

Imagine what the 18 would look like if both Taxi and Long were gone by Opening Weekend:



Royer Kaku Sims

Rza Casseres

Duncan Tarek Parker Buck 



McIntosh Nealis Tolkin Valot Muyl Davis White


Yo, what the motherfuck. 

They're gonna spin keeping Long and Taxi to be the same as if we brought them on as new players.  

In Topic: Brought back Sims

Yesterday, 11:41 AM

So do I. If we get a guy like that, let me know.

If he makes the 18 in the first game, hes already more productive.

His last loan stint in the Championship, he was also glued to the bench.

Of course, Ill be rooting for him to do well.

He had 20 appearances in the Prem and 17 in the Championship before he was 21.

In Topic: RBG strategy/philosophy for NY

Yesterday, 11:34 AM

That's been the narrative for the past decade, except in the corporate world, it doesn't work like that. Each division of Red bull global would have its own P&L and has to answer to why they were or were not profitable. If Leipzig spends $100M on inbound signings, they better make it back via increased TV revenue, tournament winnings, etc. They can't just say "well the beverage division sold more cans, so it's ok that we're operating at a deficit

It's the reason why RBNY will never again be a big spending team. There's simply no reason to drop $10M on an incoming transfer if the ultimate end result (winning MLS cup, winning CCL) will not result in them recouping their $10M investment.

Even spending less and hoping to "flip" the player will now be seen as risky thanks to the Kaku debacle. Not to mention Jorgensen.

But its not "the corporate world."   There is no public ownership, no GAAP reporting, no fiduciary responsibility to anyone but Dieter.    All of the sports sponsorships are just that, sports sponsorship.     These teams are all just marketing programs to help sell the drink.  They have no true P&L in the sense you seem to think they have.     Lindsey Vonn doesn't have a P&L.    DIeter spends whatever he thinks is worth spending on whatever he feels like spending it on.