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In Topic: Metro - Worms Playoff Thread

Yesterday, 03:31 PM

NYC vs. REVs tonight - any thoughts? 


I think Revs should win.

In Topic: USA World Cup Qualifiers Thread

Yesterday, 12:48 PM

Someone wiser than both of us once said
What you say about someone else reveals more about you than it does about them.

I don't know how I keep letting you troll me, but I do. I concede. All remaining US Concacaf games should be in Ohio. Only in Ohio can the 12th best team in the world succeed against teams like #49 Costa Rica, #40 Canada, or #63 Panama.... 

In Topic: USA World Cup Qualifiers Thread

Yesterday, 10:56 AM

In your mind, adequately describes it.
The next Pepi will not base his decision on which country to choose to play for on the venues of USMNT games.

Were you at the CR game in RBA?
How about the Gold Cup final at GS?
Again, BS. I am OK with wherever they play, while agreeing with their choice to play wherever they want, the same as every other country. Unlike you.
Touched a nerve? If the shoe fits
Fine. Your points suck, as does your reasoning.
I did not imply it. I said it.
P.S. 5:48 AM? Looks like you Woke up early!

I don't have it in me to go back and forth, but you are arguing that the US should play all of their games in Ohio, Nashville...  and I am saying, sure, play there, but don't be little bitches and not play on the east coast because we are scared of Mexican fans. Side bonus to not being little bitches is thats the way you get the next generation of US citizens with Mexican heritage - show we are the better team. 


(Replace Mexican with any other nationality) 


Also, I was at RBA for CR - that was a different team, not the sort of guys that shush thousands of people while getting cans thrown at them. The current squad is young, but they have a real fight in them.   

In Topic: USA World Cup Qualifiers Thread

29 November 2021 - 05:48 AM

So now the USSF is racist? How woke of you.
FYI, immigrants are everywhere in this country.
I have relatives in rural Cascadia, middle of nowhere.
Their schools have many children of immigrants.

I didnt say USSF is racist - I said there is a shitty attitude there. You can't have your cake and eat it too. You only get the next Pepi to pick the US over Mex if he views it as his team. The trade off on getting young guys like Pepi is, in my mind, you can't avoid ever playing in demographically "tougher" venues.


With the talent this team has, I trust our guys to win a dog fight anywhere in the US - will make them tougher. This is the turning point for the USMNT we've been waiting decades for and you want them to keep acting like scared underdogs.


Side note, I'm so sick of the insult "woke". If you disagree with my point, say it. Implying I have an immature world view is intellectually weak.   

In Topic: USA World Cup Qualifiers Thread

24 November 2021 - 09:32 PM

They announced two more home games. Absolute bullshit that Columbus gets another game. So fucking annoying and absolutely bullshit the east coast doesn't get a game. Cowards...

USA vs El Salvador - 1/27 - Columbus
USA vs Honduras - 2/2 - Saint Paul

There's a real crappy attitude that says pull players from across our country (and beyond) as we are a proud nation of immigrants..... while saying lets play all of our qualifiers in places these same immigrant groups are away from.


Zero games on the east coast (or south west coast) is crappy AND shitty. BOTH!