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G's vs Pachuca Pre-Match Discussion: SUperLiga FINALS!

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Posted 30 August 2007 - 01:36 AM

Last post...

Wife: Well, at least it was an exciting game.
Me: [pause] Actually, you're right. The Galaxy got me excited and got me to believe.
Wife: Well [long pause] exiciting but unsatisfying. Like sleeping with a hot tranny.
Me: [WTF?]
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Posted 30 August 2007 - 01:52 AM

im in disbelief here. i actually believed we coulda won. this felt like another shot to my heart. at the end everything got crazy. pachuca fans trying to come into 138 and start shit. then couple minutes later i see twigg get mobbed. sorry i didnt get there in time to help out. twigg is ok. couple of bumps and bruises i suppose. those fucking assholes! im fucking angry, disappointed, heartbroken and any other feeling of sorrow and pain. sad part is we have not else to look forward to for the rest of the season. this was our "cup." now what? what happens from here? this season was not suppose to turn out like this!

last thing ima say is that LARS has made this season the only reason to show up to these games!

dont know what else to say so ima go take my anger out on my punching bag before i hit the sack. :angry: :angry:

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#438 ESCO



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Posted 30 August 2007 - 01:54 AM

........and that ladies & gentlemen is the conclusion of our presentation, hope you enjoyed viewing "2007 Galaxy-Worst Season Ever" presented by Herbalife.

Make sure to tip your bartenders on your way out.

Mexicutioner my a............

#439 Slug



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Posted 30 August 2007 - 02:00 AM

Fuck everything. Just fuck everything.

Let's Eat!

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Posted 30 August 2007 - 02:03 AM

Cannon was epic tonight.

Landon choked. thanks buddy.

Now i hope the Gs learn and sit Becks for several weeks. he needs the rest. no point in playing him now.

the Gs played with a pulse in the 2nd half. they proved they belonged in the final. we had them. Calero was just too good tonight.

Peter Vagina is the reason i want Lalas out of the Gs. He is the GM and does not see he has been a liability since day 1. we have given away so much talent and this guy is still playing for us. this should be the reason why Lalas should get fired tomorrow.

thank you Gs for putting up a fight. let's focus on 2008.

Please explain why Peter Vagina is still playing with the Gs? I guess a Super Duper club needs a liability. Please resign. your tenure as a GM has been worthless.

Another reason i hate Lalas is that it seemed to be more Pachuca fans than Gs fans. If you dont want this game to be a Season Ticket Bonus game, allow the season ticket holder to get an advance sale. this game was suppose to be a home game for the Gs. Instead I see Landon taking corner kicks while bottles rain down on him, and Cannon getting verbally abused by the Pachuca fans and their 1 word vocabulary. If 12K were going to be in the stands, at least 10k should have been Galaxy fans. Once again, Lalas you blew it.

this is bullshit. if one person needs to get fired it should be Lalas. worthless as a GM. thanks for wasting our time.

#441 -stagnant-



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Posted 30 August 2007 - 02:04 AM

Nothing caps this season off like being a foreigner in your own country and your own stadium. Is it really our house or have the guests taken over?
'There's sublime pleasure in displeasure'

#442 Gentle Warrior

Gentle Warrior

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Posted 30 August 2007 - 02:07 AM

WTF? Cannon did a great a job the first 120 minutes! How the fuck does he not know how to READ a PK?!?! He was off the line before a foot got to the ball!

#443 mandarindeli


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Posted 30 August 2007 - 02:21 AM

Fuck everything in the fucking world.

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Posted 30 August 2007 - 02:22 AM

so after pete blew it for us, I gave up, went to the pub and watched literally alone. when we tied it up people actually came and watched with me. I thought it was all setup for donovan to be the mexicutioner again and blew it. I'm surprised X took the kick, glinton should of or cannon would of been better after seeing him and the pachuca goalie get into it.

This is one of the best games they played all year, too bad we get nothin out of it.

I want Yallop and Lalas gone, and Pete as well. Yallop should of been fired long ago, he has just had too much working against him.

Lalas needs to go too, too many bad decisions on soo many levels, not just players, but the way tickets have been handled, and other things along those lines.

Why is pete still on the team? I can't believe this, we lose dunivant, ugo, herc, findley, sturgis, gato, and almost albright as we all knew, but this douche bag is still playing for us? FUCKKKKKKKKKKK

Now they better let Becks sit at least for a week, no games, just therapy or whatever. Let Klinsman or whoever the new coach will be work with the team they have. This is by far the most frustrating season for me, soo many high expectations to keep being let down.

And by the way, RSL beat the wizards tonight, they have 3 wins and are a much worse team than us. Fuck this. I'm going to bed.

#445 Joseph


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Posted 30 August 2007 - 02:24 AM

Fuck all the mexican fans, I saw so many people in Chivas shirts cheering for Pachuca. They're all just posers ready to jump on the bandwagon of the winning team.

Fuck the people of LA who didn't show up to support your local team, sad to see our home taken over like that. Luckily where I was sitting the Pachuca fans would cheer but they weren't being assholes aboutt it.

Pete. :angry: As soon as I saw he was starting I knew it wasn't going to be a day.

They showed alot of heart. I wonder if it would hurt less if it was a blowout?

They are a good team, but they're just missing something I can't put my finger on.

#446 josh24601


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Posted 30 August 2007 - 02:27 AM


Just got back... first game with the squad. Glad I can type because the voice is gone.

Not really sure what to say anyways. We were ready to storm the field...

Glad to meet Gunner & Tommy & others, hope to meet the rest of ya soon. First game with you guys this year and if you ask me now I don't have anything in the tank for another. This was everything for us no doubt. I have to feel we earned Pachuca's respect and hopefully some from the rest of the world. That was simply balls to the wall.

You lose the scrutiny of the TV being there of course so it's hard to be specific about people. X played a hellofa match on D. Couldnt' see how Becks got hurt, I just assumed the ankle was screaming. The man needs to rest, he's given so much for the Gs already, it's heroic. Let the man rest.

Cobi must not retire, he was an enormous boost 2nd half. He has another year, I know it.

We were in between Pachuca fans but I felt we were a mighty bulwark. The stadium knew exactly what was up.

If you bang the hottest chick in the world and then get beat with in an inch of your life in the same night, how would you feel? Kinda like this I think.

Canon was a god. The Klein miracle happened because it wasn't 4-0 at 90 minutes, thank Canon for that. You can't blame Canon for the PKs.

Landon. :o Some moments define athletes. Jordan vs. Jazz in '98, Dwight Clark & The Catch, the list goes on. This was Donovan's to grab and make his own.

Really, what can you say. It is what it is.

One hell of a night, though.

#447 andric


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Posted 30 August 2007 - 02:30 AM

Fuck everything. Just fuck everything.

Fuck everything in the fucking world.

I agree.
"Chad Barrett was totally angry when he was subbed out. I think he was angry that he was Chad Barrett." - Chalky

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Posted 30 August 2007 - 02:34 AM

Goodbye Pete.

That's right, I said it!

Viva Va-heinous.
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#449 S.Bones


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Posted 30 August 2007 - 02:38 AM

Where's the hate for Buddle? Touch of a rapist and then he absolutely choked on that break away. Dude, if you're gonna slow down, take the early shot, or drive in on the keeper. Geez.

And before we torch Pete for the own goal - please realize the fault was on the outside right of our defense to allow in that cross - I'll have to see the replay, but I think Klein was at fault.

Another epic night by LARS. I don't think 138 has ever exploded like it did after Klein's bike. (I thought it was Gordon until we got home. All white guys look alike to me.)

Wow, lots of assholes there tonight. I got hit with my first bag of piss after the goal - I feel proud.

#450 We Own You

We Own You

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Posted 30 August 2007 - 02:44 AM

Ya i am way bummed we lost. Vagenas will now, in my book, be called Vagina until he does something amazing to redeem himself. Very much disappointing.


Don't beat up on the Galaxy so much! Our boys played awesome.

1) Our plays and intent were well executed.
2) 2nd half we had control of the game.
3) We definitely had Pachuca on the back of their heels. They weren't ready for us!
4) Their goalie was amazing by anyone's standards. Landon's kick was not shit, he gave it a good shot...the goalie was there. X's shot was shit, he tried to jook the goalie, but ended up giving a shit shot.

....and beyond that, this was a championship winning team! No shame to losing to Pachuca. Most people said we would not of stood a chance against their starting line. We proved to them wrong, and proved that we can't just be mowed over. Note, we did that without Beckers.

Our own goal was our undoing. It's disheartening, but the galaxy can walk away knowing we owned mexico's # 1 team for most the game.

...On to RSL....

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