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Today, 09:53 AM

LOL at "fouled in the box". Mentioning Messi in the same paragraph as Luquinhas is ridiculous. Red might have been deserved and wouldn't have made an iota of difference.

I have seen messi get pks for miami because someone put a hand on him and he fell. If that is a pk, then luq getting tripped in the box is definitely a foul.

All I am asking for is consistency. If contact results on denying a person in the box a scoring opportunity without touching the ball then it should be a pk. Biases shouldn't be a factor and when it is the ref should be suspended and require to do trainings.

In Topic: Metro - Austin Game Thread

Today, 09:45 AM

Yellow was the right call. High foot was a dangerous play. However, no injury was sustained. The ball was in the air close to Luq and his leg was going down. It wasnt malicious. In my eyes it was the right call

yeah leg went down and hit luq in the head. That is a straight red. It doesnt have to be malicious. It was reckless. You can end someone's career with that type of foul.

In Topic: Metro - Austin Game Thread

Yesterday, 10:19 PM

Elf he got the call when he was kicked in the head, Lima got a yellow for it. He didn't get the call when when he flopped several times. Ref did his job there

In what world is a Kick to the head not a red? The league has consistently called slap, elbow and kick to the head a red. No contact was even made with the ball. It is the definition of a reckless foul.

And his "flops" had contact. The video showed it. It's really a yes or no question. Was there contact when the foul was made? The answer is yes.

The ref should be suspended.

In Topic: Metro - Austin Game Thread

Yesterday, 08:45 PM

He now has a reputation for going down easy. It is resulting in him not getting the real fouls called his way now.

So kicking a guy in the face is based on rep and not actual evidence? Var even called the ref to reconsider. This was bs.

In Topic: Metro - Austin Game Thread

Yesterday, 08:40 PM

Honestly good for this ref for not buying Luqui's flopping, he relies on it way too much

He did get fouled in the box and kicked in the head.

The ref was awful. The ref was calling the player not the game. If it was messi getting the same foul you know we would have gotten that pk and lima would have gotten a red.

Ref was bs.

If rbny had any courage they should call out MLS for this bs