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#1393028 Long injury

Posted by 67% Class on 25 October 2021 - 10:58 AM



I'm not sure what held the team back from selling any time in 2019 or before the 2020 season. Maybe elf is right that the team had no confidence in their ability to replace him like they have been with other high profile departures over the years.

I tend to think Thelwell doesn't have those sorts of nerves. If a player meets the criteria for sale (last year of contract and near to their highest projected market value), then I think Thelwell will sell and figure out how to repair the roster after. Right now, I'm surprised, but its looking like there won't be an insurmountable hole if Long is sold and he could just backfill with youth. Long injury aside, it seems like Thelwell's dream scenario - sell a player that you got for free and buy a couple kids to replace. 


Loan with option to purchase makes sense in light of the injury. While I don't suspect we'll be able to cheer Long on in an RB jersey again, hopefully we get to in a Nats jersey. 

#1392856 The Fire Gerhard Struber Thread

Posted by 67% Class on 22 October 2021 - 03:43 PM

Kaku literally defaulted on a contract. Despite this boards want to blame Hamlett, its been proven he activated the clause. Kaku just left anyway. How you can blame that on management is beyond me. They should have known Kaku would break his contract? Management has made a lot of mistakes. Not predicting Kaku would just ignore a legal contract is not one of them.

1) Not my primary point, but as far as management (Thelwell/Hamlett) activating the clause, lets not act like it was done properly.  The MLSPA thought Kaku was in the right. 


2) The problem is not management not knowing Kaku would ignore a contract - the problem is that they let it get there in the first place. They had an unhappy player, who did not meet the expectations of the $6 MM transfer they paid, who didn't seem to fit the new coach's style, and who was on 1 more year of contract. How is that ever going to work out well? 


Hindsight 50/50, but they should have sold him to Tijuana. $3mil was fair. Add a sell on percentage if you actually think he was worth more. Cut your losses and move on. He wouldn't appreciate in value on the bench while his contract ticks away. The fact Kaku bolted is unexpected, but Kaku only being worth $3MM right now is probably accurate. 

#1392854 2021 salaries updated

Posted by 67% Class on 22 October 2021 - 03:21 PM

A team with one of the richest owners, in the biggest market, with name and jerseys covered in advertising, AND the second lowest payroll while sitting outside the playoff picture currently is such an embarrassment.  



Get out of here red bull. 

#1392829 Thelwell wanted by Newcastle?

Posted by 67% Class on 22 October 2021 - 09:25 AM

Imagine parlaying the lack of success here
into a better job ...

I tend to think Thelwell would be great if he had money at his disposal. The new Newcastle ownership group has money. I think it leaves us in the lurch, and is a big blow to the next 2-3 years, but you gotta think Thelwell takes the Newcastle job in in a heartbeat if offered, right? RB would probably be more secure, but making Newcastle great again has to be like a dream job.  

#1392816 The Fire Gerhard Struber Thread

Posted by 67% Class on 22 October 2021 - 08:26 AM

It's pure imagination, but I wonder where we are in the table if Kaku stays.

Last year we watched Kaku play Barlow into the box over and over and Barlow would hit it directly at the GK if he didnt lose the ball first. Now we're in the opposite boat. Klimala (still not 100% sold, but a massive upgrade over last year) making good runs with maybe one good ball played to him per game.

Edit: Catching up on reading and didnt see the similar comments on pages I hadn't got to yet.

Thelwell/Struber not getting Kaku to buy in (or at worse not getting even a discounted trade value on him) was rookie error by GM/Coach in my view. Struber came in and benched him in the most important game that season - if I was Kaku I would take that as a pretty clear indictor of my standing with the new administration. Once that's out there, they should have sold him to Tijuana for 3 mil or whatever that offer was. What were they waiting for?  


Edit: He was on the last year of his contract and it was a FIFA questionable unilateral option year. Sell him for 3 mil with a nice sell on percentage.

#1392788 The Fire Gerhard Struber Thread

Posted by 67% Class on 21 October 2021 - 10:59 AM


This team could have been legitimately competitive this season with two decent attacking midfielders. Maybe even just one if they knocked a signing out of the park. And not just for a playoff spot but for a real playoff run. 


They knew that area of the roster was a risk over the winter which is why they went for Amaya. They surely knew by the summer that it was still an area of concern since Amaya had already been benched.


There is no sporting reason not to have pursued an attacking midfielder over the summer. I'm sure the excuse they'll fall back on there is that transfers have been more difficult to execute across the board during COVID, which may have some merit. 

The actual reason, I tend to think, is that they couldn't find an attacking player that they felt they could get at a discount on and potentially flip in 3 years. They only saw market rate acquisitions.  

#1392735 The Fire Gerhard Struber Thread

Posted by 67% Class on 20 October 2021 - 12:21 PM

Yeah we've gone from one of the league's worst defensive teams under Armas to one of the best despite literally losing an MLS Defender of the Year and USMNT captain a few games into the season. Like there's still a lot for Struber to answer for and the offense needs to be overhauled in the offseason but this is something to build off of and we are inarguably in a better place right now than we were 12 month ago. 

This argument from you and Freidlander holds some weight with me. Thanks for that. 


I think no one would hold that opinion a month ago, but lets hope you are right. These 1-0 victories either have a touch of luck, or are based on quality. I guess the next few weeks will let us know if they did in fact build a foundation for next year.    

#1392725 2021 New York Red Bulls II Thread

Posted by 67% Class on 20 October 2021 - 11:21 AM

I for sure can see why they drafted Archimede.  He is a pure target man with sneaky speed given his size.  I'm curious how he will do next year with a full year in USL.  I think his skill set works with what Struber at least asks his forwards to do

I want him to succeed primarily because he's Archimede of Syracuse. 

#1392711 USA World Cup Qualifiers Thread

Posted by 67% Class on 20 October 2021 - 08:31 AM

Jozy's hamstring injury when he seemed primed for a strong World Cup felt so so Metro.

And Donovan left off the team seemed so Klinsmann. 

#1392710 The Fire Gerhard Struber Thread

Posted by 67% Class on 20 October 2021 - 08:28 AM

IMO it reads like Red Bull are on a 2 year plan to rebuild the roster and year 1 had complications that werent all expected

Maybe it was always a 2 year plan, but that view was only presented after this season went off the rails. Also, the only real unforeseeable complication was Aaron Long getting injured.


I appreciate your take, but worse finish than 2020 is not rebuilding, it's regressing.  I will give a mulligan to Struber/Thelwell, but I'm not certain that my view of team objectives (winning) is the same as Struber/Thelwell. I hope I'm wrong.   

#1392447 Fabio

Posted by 67% Class on 12 October 2021 - 12:06 PM

he wants to stay here cuz he has a family. would assume wife and daughter like it here. 

That aspect makes me hope he nails in a couple on this home stretch. 

#1392442 Fabio

Posted by 67% Class on 12 October 2021 - 11:04 AM

All depends on if Struber sticks with the 1 striker look in 2022. Now that hes found something that has produced better play outside of consistent goalscoring, I think he should continue on the current course.

Fabio at 400k as a backup striker isnt terrible, drop Barlow in the winter and let Sowe be the #3 guy.

Still maintain the flexibility with those 3 on the roster + Omir etc. to play a 2 striker system if the situation calls for it.

You had me at "drop barlow"

#1392399 Thelwell has to answer for a lot

Posted by 67% Class on 11 October 2021 - 01:32 PM

It worked out perfectly well for Leipzig and Bragantino. They both performed well above their payrolls upon entering the top flight. It's currentl;y working out very well for Brentford in the EPL.

I think  "Upon entering top flight" is key here. NY is already in the top flight in the US. Where does Leipzig rank on spending now in the league? Not the top, just a couple steps below Bayern.   


RB want to be around 50-70 percentile on spending in MLS and use that money on largely unproven youth. Its not at all a clear recipe for continued success. As is the case for RBL, you can ride some quality, undervalued players for a promotion run, but at some point, market rate investing has to occur for continued success.   


I like playing youth, but you cant exclusively play transient, low market rate youth and expect to win. The only way you can expect that is if you have ALOT of transient, low market rate youth. MLS caps make that impossible. The solution is to spend on transient, mid market rate youth and supplement that with proven talent/loans that are older or under contract where you won't see a return on investment. 


I just don't see how the RBS model of buying exclusively cheap youth who are resold in 3 years for a profit can work here. As a one off, sure, but its not a recipe for continued success on the field.      

#1392388 Thelwell has to answer for a lot

Posted by 67% Class on 11 October 2021 - 11:33 AM

You are missing the point. Yes it is possible to get a good player, who happens to be very young. But there is a bigger chance to get a good player when you expand a pool to guys in in their mid twenties too, like Zelarayan or Sacha. Especially considering that in MLS it is harder to hang on to the young guys who are performing well, like Adams and Clark. This is not to take away from your other point that Thelwell did shit job getting these young guys, but I think success rate could be higher if the age wasn't a sole focus and the search would be expanded to more proven older guys.

Yeah.... they want to have their cake and eat it too - 


Pay modest amounts for talent, and make that talent young so they have the potential to reap huge rewards. 


RBS has a higher payroll than any other team by far. Implementing the RBS youth only method won't be successful here with MLS rules. 

#1392191 Thelwell has to answer for a lot

Posted by 67% Class on 07 October 2021 - 11:11 AM

For me, its "will team finish 6th or better in the east?". If not, then the season is a failure and, one of the reasons its a failure is that the roster building for this season was not good enough. 


I think rebuilding seasons are when a team goes from 10th in one season to 7th the next. There's an upward progression.  


I don't mind giving Thelwell a mulligan for this year, but I refuse to act like the failure of this season thus far has actually been a good thing or that it was something out of Thelwell's control.