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Josef Martinez wins 2018 MLS MVP

06 December 2018 - 02:34 AM

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Almiron 2nd, Ibrahimovic 3rd.


If I had voted, it'd have been for Zlatan, LA's defense was bad, they lost/drew a bunch of games where they scored 3 or more goals.


2 years ago the award went to Villa even though BWP had a better season at the striker position, and voters rationalized it as 'can't vote for BWP because Sacha was also a finalist.'


So what happened this year when Almiron came in second?  And then there's the fact that BWP wasn't even a finalist the year he tied the goal-scoring record that Martinez broke this year.

Big picture, it doesn't matter much, (though I'm sure it would have mattered to BWP if he'd won in either of those years.)


I would think BWP would be the consensus choice for Metro MVP in 2018, but Kemar and Adams should probably be in the conversation.