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In Topic: Parker has not been good this year

Yesterday, 07:33 PM

How does Armas deal with this, publicly & privately?
Any public expressions of frustration or disappointment?
Drop him from the next gameday roster?
He had the 4th highest base salary last year @ $738K,
$250K more than Luis Robles.

I think publicly, just like Armas has. "We need to rotate, lots of games in a short period". I think privately Parker just needs to know he isn't playing up to his contract, isn't playing his way into the starting XI and you keep giving him small opportunities to prove himself and build confidence. I don't blame Armas for throwing him out there with 7 minutes left.  738k CB having to lock down for only 7 minutes, this should be easy. But he fumbled it bad. Still, I use him as a sub against Cbus but I don't start him until he looks like the Parker of old.

In Topic: Parker has not been good this year

Yesterday, 02:22 PM

Past performance doesnt indicate future success. He wasnt good last year, got beaten out in practice by Tarek it seems, then performed terribly yesterday while Tarek was good. I dont think that deserves a start. When Parker comes on as a sub and gives good minutes, then he can start.

In Topic: Parker has not been good this year

Yesterday, 01:48 PM

Um... pretty sure he was bad last year too...

In Topic: Metro - Columbus Game Thread

Yesterday, 12:45 PM

Play white if hes available. Hes clearly the top of the depth chart. I have no idea why the love for Barlow, hes a solid backup but not near a starter. Why give Parker a start? Do we reward bad play on this team? Play the best available. If you beat CO we are pretty much assured of moving on.

In Topic: Was the return of MLS a good experience?

09 July 2020 - 02:11 PM

Enjoyed watching both games, but they really do have a preseason feel to them. All four teams looked pretty poor. I imagine another match or so could get better