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It's happening again: Chelsea date in direct conflict with Open Cup quarterfinals

28 April 2015 - 09:10 PM

Once again, it appears as if the NY Front Office and Red Bull ownership is prioritizing a useless cash-grab friendly over the US Open Cup.  Per the US Soccer Open Cup official webpage, the Open Cup  quarter-finals will be taking place on July 21-22, 2015.  The 22nd is in direct conflict with the Chelsea match, which was just announced today.




We're working on a post that will be out tomorrow morning (this is why we haven't had the attendance update today).  At the moment however, unless the club plans on trotting out the entire second team (which would likely be illegal since NYRB II are eligible for this competition and therefore many fo the players would be cuptied) for one of these matches, there's a clear conflict in the schedule.  At best, this club is playing back to back dates in July.


This will also be in direct conflict with the latter stages of the Gold Cup, when the roster will be stretched even thinner than it already appears.

Impacting the Bottom Line: The #RedBullOut Merchandise Boycott

03 March 2015 - 12:58 PM

Impacting the Bottom Line: The #RedBullOut Merchandise Boycott


Many have offered their assistance with the Red Bull Out cause over the past few weeks.  The single most effective thing we can do right now is to vote with our wallets.  If you're supportive of this cause, if you're supportive of an owner who puts our club above all other interests, please participate in this effort.


We also recommend you contact Red Bull directly to let them know that you will not be supporting their brand promotion any further.



If you'd like to contact Ali Curtis directly:

E-mail: ali.curtis@newyorkredbulls.com


If you'd like to contact Marc DeGrandpre:

E-mail: Marc.DeGrandpre@newyorkredbulls.com





Like any corporation, Red Bull views the success of its clubs in the amount of revenue it generates.  For Red Bull, that means sales of their disgusting drink and also a small return on investment for the club itself.   Thanks to signings of high profile players like Thierry Henry and Tim Cahill, Red Bull has been able to promote their drink to millions of fans across the world through NYRB merchandise sales. Most would purchase the shirt for the ‘Henry’ on the back, rather than the logo on the front. 
To coincide with the RB jersey launch (including a laughably cynical attempt to acknowledge prior history), #RedBullOut is calling for a merchandise boycott to help accelerate a sale of our club.  While we may not be able to purchase the club ourselves, we have seen Red Bull sell off previous assets once operating costs became too high and revenues diminished.  This was the rationale cited when the RB Ghana project was put up for sale. 
Red Bull is already attempting to cut operating costs (farming out ticket sales to Ticketmaster leading to more expensive ticket prices, lowering expenditures on the roster, spending nothing on marketing, skimping on season ticket perks) in an effort to improve its bottom line.  We believe that a merchandise boycott sends a strong message that we are no longer willing  to tolerate their management and ownership of our club and no longer willing to be a billboard for their product.


How much more do you need to see?

25 January 2015 - 07:45 PM

That is the question you should be asking yourself today.  Whether Matt is successful in his trial or not is no longer the point.  A local boy who was going to be starting or at least acquiring major minutes in this team was summoned to train for Liepzig on a whim.  Our place in the Red Bull pecking order has been determined, and it is below Liepzig.


What more do you need to see before you're willing to do something about it.  We're at that point, are you?

Helping With The #RedBullOut Movement

19 January 2015 - 10:01 AM

We have been flattered by the response to the #RedBullOut movement up to this point and want to thank those of you who came out in support of our efforts on Friday.   We have much more planned in the coming weeks/months and are encouraged to see that so many fans are willing to take a stand against this ownership.


However, the #RedBullOut movement is in need of some immediate assistance as our cause begins to mature.  We need help in the following areas:


1) A web-developer who is willing/able to work with our Art Director on crafting a new website for our movement.  While our long-form work will continue to be the hallmark of our web presence, we are limited by the current web-platform we're building off of.  This is an immediate need for the movement as it gains a larger audience and begins to grow.


2)  A fluent spanish speaking representative of the #RedBullOut movement, charged with leading our community outreach efforts in the greater NYC Metro area.  This position will include on-air time with local media outlets.


If you are interested in helping out with our efforts, please either DM us here or contact us at redbullout@yahoo.com.