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In Topic: Pre-World Cup Thread

Today, 12:14 PM

If we regularly play with three CBs, you need at least 4 solid ones.  Maybe the second guy off the bench can be a project, but not the first one.

Also, Long is not a likely WC starter anymore.


We had a solid 4th CB in Edwards. Not sure anyone could, or should have predicted that he'd pull a Kaku and just tell us to fuck off regardless of his contract.


I think Long is a lock for the WC. Berhalter has made getting him and Zimm minutes together one of his top priorities the last few months, time for experimenting has passed. My dad is still convinced Brooks is going to make a last second reappearance...

In Topic: Metro - Charlotte Game Thread

Yesterday, 05:41 PM

really need to figure out how to get luquinhas going again, team needs him too much to be a passenger. 


He looked back closer to his best this last game. Much quicker on the ball, drew a lot of fouls. Hopefully a good sign that he's over some of the small injuries affecting lately.

In Topic: Metro - Crew Game Thread

Yesterday, 08:41 AM

Just can't wrap my head around what Struber was thinking leaving two subs on the bench and making no changes after the 78th minute. The midfield was gassed and there were plenty of options on the bench.

In Topic: Metro - Crew Game Thread

01 October 2022 - 08:44 PM

imo Struber needs to sub out one or both of the attacking mids after 75 min. they were both wiped and we couldn't keep the ball up field. I think that goes a long way to avoiding that sort of late game onslaught.

In Topic: Metro - Crew Game Thread

01 October 2022 - 07:50 PM

Wow great for Frankie on his return to the starting lineup!