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In Topic: The Coronavirus Thread

Yesterday, 02:28 PM

Is a vaccine getting closer?

In Topic: Xanadu American Dream Mall

Yesterday, 02:23 PM

No mention of the nearby mall in this crime story:
My first thought is that it was an attempted carjacking.
Second, a drug deal gone bad.

In Topic: Metro - Revs Game Thread

25 October 2020 - 10:08 AM

Revs palindrome: DLWWLD in October.

In Topic: Metro - Chicago Game Thread

25 October 2020 - 10:06 AM

my season prediction since day 1 - we get into playoffs and do not win a game.

General consensus here, I think.
Would like to be pleasantly surprised.

In Topic: Shield will NOW be awarded this year

24 October 2020 - 11:59 PM

5-0 Philly win on the 11 year anniversary of our 5-0 win against them in 2009 is making me smile.

As they used to say in Jamaica: Heavy Manners!