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In Topic: Vanzeir "incident" vs San Jose

Yesterday, 10:38 AM

The etymology of the term is in no way clear enough for this sort of concrete statement.

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.

Folks have to learn from the past to make a better world and call out bs when things like this happens.

In Topic: Marsch to Leeds

29 May 2023 - 11:22 PM

He's a college freshman at Syracuse lol, wouldn't take his reporting as gospel.

I am just saying what was reported from a guy that covers the chicago fire and the usmnt which is based in chicago.

Who cares if he is in college

Btw, other folks that follow the usmnt have confirmed the story that he broke.

In Topic: Vanzeir "incident" vs San Jose

29 May 2023 - 09:06 PM

Darwin was an active anti-racist.  You might be confusing Social Darwinism with Darwin, but they are unrelated.

The book "The Descent of Man" written by Darwin depicted Americans, Australians, and Africans as inferior to Europeans. The "facts" from this book was used to promote racial discrimination in Europe and the US.  

In Topic: Vanzeir "incident" vs San Jose

29 May 2023 - 08:52 PM

elf, are you Belgian? Because I have by now seen dozens of Belgians contribute to the conversation across social media to confirm that in their native Dutch it is completely possible to use the word "monkey" towards someone without racial connotations. Considering you have such a strong opinion on the matter I assume you have a long history with people from that area to say otherwise on their behalf?

Folks from the south also loved their confederate flag and spoke highly about it but that flag represented slavery.  Many Americans use the N word in numerous ways but your a smart person. you know the negative meaning of that word. Just because racism terms are embedded in society, it doesn't make it right to use those terms.


Since you  want to know about Belgium. lets talk about it. Read about the enlightment period and how european powers tried to justify imperialism. Then read about King Leopold II who ruled Belgium from 1865-1909 and read what he did in the Congo. Read how he described the population that lived there. Read about the "human zoos"  that was established in  Belgium. What noises were those in the "human zoos" required to make? Read about the science experiments that were done to people because they were not considered human.  This is just one European power. many other European powers even the American government did similar things but to other cultures.


History repeats itself. learn about it.  But MLS , RBNY and some people in this fanbase find this to be okay which is why this is sad. 

In Topic: Vanzeir "incident" vs San Jose

29 May 2023 - 08:19 PM

The term monkey business is not racist and I challenge you to produce evidence that it is. At the rate youre going we are going to have to find a new name for monkeys! So if a real, honest to God, primate monkey causes mischief, what are we allowed to call it? Shenanigans? Hijinks? Anything but monkey business? LMAO! What a soft society weve become.

The term monkey business is racist. it has a racist origin. it's not about being soft. it is about educating yourself because the school system has clearly failed you. if your a racist or choose to not educate yourself, that is your choice but don't minimize something that has such a messed-up history. 


do your self a favor and read up on it.