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In Topic: Southampton offered Long?

Yesterday, 01:23 PM

Is it an upward transfer? Just because he is going to the EPL, it is not guaranteed hell be on an upward trajectory. He is going to a team that will most likely be relegated. It is not guaranteed hell start, the majority of the games hell be there for. Why rock the boat when you have regular playing time and still have exposure to the NT? Right now, Berhalter has him as a lock CB, as an MLS defender!! The lure of the EPL will not make you a better player, especially at his age.

He's limited in how far he can develop here.  No guarantees of anything there, but at least there is upside potential.

In Topic: Southampton offered Long?

Yesterday, 12:52 PM

Holding back a NT player from an upward transfer (status-wise and financially) is not a beneficial move in the long run. They certainly need to spend and bring players in, but if there's a bona fide offer for Long, just saying "no" doesn't make sense. Negotiating the best possible price is, of course, perfectly reasonable.

"Negotiating the best possible price" requires the option to say no.   If you don't retain the option to walk away, you won't get a good price.

In Topic: Southampton offered Long?

Yesterday, 10:15 AM


Always thought Long was the most likely to leave, they take Long well take Sims

IIRC, a lot of people blamed Red Bull for not letting him go this year.  This says he could have gone to West Ham but couldn't get a work permit.


How reliable is that "$6M release clause" they mention?

In Topic: Thierry Henry to Montreal

16 November 2019 - 02:32 PM

What?  BWP's dad said Petke didn't think BWP was very good but Henry and Roxburgh stepped up and vouched for him.

OK, but Henry was very vocal about BWP not scoring nearly as much as he should have

In Topic: Thierry Henry to Montreal

16 November 2019 - 02:31 PM

If we fired Armas when he deserved to be fired (at the conclusion of Union game), Henry is NYRB HC. Great job once again, FO!

Nah.   He's not a fit for this system either way.