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In Topic: Parker could be traded

Today, 06:57 PM

Houston traded Struna to MTL and are super thin at CB, but Id imagine most MLS teams would salivate at the thought of having a domestic non NT player like Parker on their rosters.

Hopefully the interest can help RBNY drive the price up and they can get high 6 figures worth of allocation money if they want to pull the trigger on a trade.

anything short of roughly a million is not a good deal.  Walker Zimmerman went for up to $1.25 million last year.  If Houston didnt sell Manotas he would have been an interesting player to include in a Parker deal.

In Topic: Andres Reyes In?

Today, 05:14 PM

Also to answer the compensation question from before per Franco we got him through waivers. 


That's bad asset management by Miami. 



In Topic: Parker could be traded

Today, 03:52 PM

I think Parker is the one they're shopping around. Would still mean that they'd have to bring in an add'l CB if he does get off-loaded. 

Ives tweeted that as well.  makes sense.  will be hard to have Long and Parker on the 2022 team

In Topic: Andres Reyes In?

Today, 11:07 AM


This potential pickup, plus the attempt at that CB from Lisbon, makes me think that Long is on his way out. 

Besides flexibility to play the 3 in the back sometimes.  any good team, especially in our system where they are isolated a ton, needs 3 good CBs you'd be comfortable with starting a whole season.  Tarek is really good depth but i wouldnt want him starting a whole season.  So while I think Parker or Long will be gone in the next 12-18 months even if they both are staying this is a move that needed to happen.


Plus if we did a get bid for Long in the summer we wouldnt need to scramble for a replacement because they have one in house they've gotten a head start on integrating.

In Topic: Cameron Harper from Celtic?

Yesterday, 09:59 AM

Good shout. Unfortunately he's stopped shooting the ball or passing it anywhere but sideways and back, so somewhat irrelevant...

i really hope Gerhard can undo the sideways passing mentality Davis picked up last two season.  He used to really progress the ball forward when he first came up.

besides davis Royer is the only other person i think has a decent weak foot.