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In Topic: Club America wants Kaku

17 January 2019 - 04:12 PM

Club America in Mexico is looking to bring in a piece or two from MLS.  Rumor has it, Atlanta's Villalba and Kaku top their list.

Simonian will shut that talk down.

In Topic: 2018-2019 Offseason Thread

31 December 2018 - 09:47 AM

So we're supposed to ignore 2.5 years of evidence for one game?  I just don't rate him enough right now to trust Etienne as a day in and day out winger.  Our defense this year was fantastic, but we were exposed on the wing (especially late) when it came to crunch time vs. Atlanta.


Depth option is OK.  He's not a daily starter and we need to upgrade that position.   We've needed to upgrade the wing for 2 years.

This is correct.


Personally would trade Etienne while he still may have some value.  He's changed his fight-level for the better which has been nice but he's just not a scorer. He misses too many opportunities and even the goals he scores seem like mistakes.  

In Topic: 2018-2019 Offseason Thread

28 December 2018 - 10:22 AM

Its still only December, I feel like league wide transfer rumors don't tend to pick up steam until after the draft. International transfer windows don't even open until January.

I don't think it's that in this case.  There just really isn't a lot of positions to upgrade.   We have a number of positions that you are never going to even try to upgrade them starting with the entire back line.   Those 4 are almost as good as we're going to get.   Then you have Davis and I'm at a point where I believe he should always be on the field.  Perhaps the Adams spot, but that seems to be going to Casseres.  Royer is a warrior and I'd always have him starting.  Kaku and BWP aren't coming out.  The right mid spot is probably the only spot worth even considering and they might see Mines, or Valot, or Epps, or Muyl, or whoever as the starter.  


Really the only things you could see us adding would be depth, and depth guys usually aren't involved in rumors much.  

In Topic: 2018-2019 Offseason Thread

28 December 2018 - 09:46 AM

I miss the volume of transfer rumors about incoming players from last year.  Everything that has popped up since the season ended is about players potentially leaving the club. 



Just looks like this offseason is going to be about keeping everyone together.  Only two spots that you'd really consider trying to upgrade from last year are with Adams leaving and it looks like that is going to Casseres.  Then the right mid spot which could be Mines or back to Valot.  

In Topic: Formation change?

24 December 2018 - 11:43 AM

I don't see Kaku working in this system unless he plays in the middle of the 4-2-3-1. Those outside spots have to run like crazy and defend like crazy and that's not Kaku.  


Can never go two forwards with BWP.  It never works with him.  He always looks uncomfortable in it and it's always brought bad results.


Royer is fine too.  That dude is a warrior and he produces.  We just need a real athletic good option on the right side.  That's all.  Plus some luck with injuries.  We maybe beat Atlanta if Taxi didn't get hurt and Armas didn't lose his brain for a game.