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#1394692 Metro - Worms Playoff Thread

Posted by uptownbull on 20 November 2021 - 05:27 PM

These results are just confirmation of what we already know about the way this team is run. We made a player for the euro clubs, so the season was a success lol. Joke ass club with embarrassing foreign ownership.

How many butts in seats would there be if this was a home game, 10k? 15? RED BULL IS FAILING HERE.

#1394591 Adams to Arsenal Rumor - Possible $14M Fee to RBNY

Posted by uptownbull on 20 November 2021 - 12:54 AM

Practice fields ain't nothin ta fuck with!

#1394542 Davis, Sean Davis - Free Agent

Posted by uptownbull on 18 November 2021 - 03:51 PM


Didn't Cap'n Slappy have leverage too? Marsch thought otherwise. 

Cap'n Slappy? Titi?

#1394284 All Metro All Time USMNT Lineup

Posted by uptownbull on 11 November 2021 - 08:14 PM

Whew, Reyna. So overall career then, with weighting towards USMNT?


In a Bunker Bob Empty Bucket for old times sake










Ream---Miazga--Long--Wynne        (didn't Ream play outside back and do alright at it?)




Bench: Sacha, Dax, Grella, Robles, Duncan, Parker, JUAN AGUDELO lol troll

#1394248 Chris Gloster sold to blue poseurs

Posted by uptownbull on 10 November 2021 - 07:56 PM


#1394219 Kyle Duncan to Belgium

Posted by uptownbull on 10 November 2021 - 11:30 AM

Looks the team is going to have to replace a ton of players this off season. The opposite of what you want to see at the end of a rebuilding year. Could lose Duncan, Coronel, Edwards, Fabio, Gutman, Clark and CCJ. Need to rebuild the farm.

Hopefully a few more pieces of spaghetti stick to the wall than our yearly average. #ambition

#1393890 2022 Schedule

Posted by uptownbull on 06 November 2021 - 03:30 PM

Just the logo, they kept the name and the colors.

Sounded like they were open to a full rebrand but praise to the fan research which made that a firm no. Not terrible, but ANOTHER round crest?? Zzz. MLS branding is so...insecure. "Are we legit now? This seemed good elsewhere..."

Opposite extreme is old school NASL. A gleefully American expression of the sport. 90s MLS design and branding wasn't a bad middle ground!

#1393804 Playoff Trackers

Posted by uptownbull on 04 November 2021 - 02:20 PM

Backing in to the playoffs seems appropriate for this thunderous meh of a season.

#1393669 Metro - Atlanta Game Thread

Posted by uptownbull on 03 November 2021 - 08:21 PM

Imagine this team if the Fabio and Klimala signings were smash hits.

#1393350 Metro - Montreal Game Thread

Posted by uptownbull on 29 October 2021 - 12:52 PM

You are a joy.

It'll probably be made out of the itchiest cheap acrylic that accelerates male pattern baldness with each removal *Debbie Downer trombone*

#1393225 Metro - Scum Game Thread

Posted by uptownbull on 27 October 2021 - 09:23 PM

Goddamn it this would've been Etienne's year to shine in the #10 spot! 

#1393205 Metro - Scum Game Thread

Posted by uptownbull on 27 October 2021 - 08:31 PM

The Metro faithful started whispering MPF, and the soccer gods listened.

#1392871 Playoff Trackers

Posted by uptownbull on 23 October 2021 - 10:12 AM

Maybe more like a seasonal allergy. Sometimes it's intense and ultimately makes you miserable, sometimes it's just meh.

#1392701 USA World Cup Qualifiers Thread

Posted by uptownbull on 19 October 2021 - 06:39 PM

Jozy's hamstring injury when he seemed primed for a strong World Cup felt so so Metro.

#1392547 Michael Sollbauer not to NYRB

Posted by uptownbull on 16 October 2021 - 04:56 PM