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Formations and tactics

30 July 2020 - 08:05 AM

slow day on the board so

just scanned this article https://www.onceamet...back-tournament

deploying Kaku in a static wing role (where, especially in the 4-4-2 formation, his role becomes devolved into a source of layoffs to overlapping fullbacks) and centering the more limited playmaking and delivery skills of Daniel Royer. Cristian Casseres, signed two years ago after shining in South American youth tournaments as a deep-seated ball-spraying holding midfielder, continues to be deployed in a confused box-to-box role that does not flatter his more deficient dribbling and off-ball skills. I

Noticed the points about formation and tactics and the lack of effectiveness of Kaku Royer (+everyone else) in the last game/games.


With the current squad (we all want additions/improvements/4 Young DPs/CBs not assisting on other teams goals week in week out) what would be the best formation/tactic?


42222 or back to 4231?


I like the idea of 4222 but it did not help  left acres of space v Cbus and ineffective v Cinti with what little we had to go on.


Would a return to 4231 and some different tactics help ?


Royer - Kaku - Valot

----------Davis CCJ------

Pendant Long CB TBD Duncan


You could even go 

Kaku-----Valot - Myul as Myul is strong defensively that allows Duncan to go foward (assuming the CB isn't assisting the other team)

Also, with Pendant staying back a bit (for now hopefully as he adjusts) this would allow Kaku more freedom to roam which seems to suit him.





The story of how silverware eluded the MLS team of the decade

08 July 2020 - 02:14 PM



have not had a chance to read.  should be interesting (and depressing)





already so sad

That RBNY couldn’t parlay their success into an MLS Cup title isn’t only frustrating to supporters, it’s just plain weird. It’s almost without precedent, in fact. Across all the major pro sports in the U.S., only four other teams recorded their league’s highest winning percentage over an entire decade and didn’t produce a championship during that time.


Decade League Team Reached Finals

1910-10 MLB N.Y. Giants 1911, 1912, 1913, 1917
1980-89 MLB N.Y. Yankees 1981
2000-09 MLS Chicago Fire 2000, 2003
2010-19 MLB N.Y. Yankees none
2010-19 MLS Red Bulls none

What was the most outrageous thing you have seen while playing?

15 April 2020 - 09:06 AM

 What was the most outrageous thing:


1) you have seen a soccer Mom do?


2) what is one of the crazier things you have seen done on the field?




1) what is one of the crazier things you have seen a soccer Mom do?

Fight broke out and then expanded to others.  A mom (from our team ?) ran into the middle of the field swinging their pocketbook like a mace!!!!!



2) what is one of the crazier things you have seen done on the field?


This might have been the start to the above.

Forward on our team was like Amado Guevara - talented but hot temper.

Weak ankles that defender kept intentional kicking when he was standing in front of him.  He told him you do it again that is it.  Guy kicked him.  He turned around and punched him (maybe bottom of palm) in the nose.  Explosion of blood. 

30 for 30 The Two Escobars

15 April 2020 - 08:34 AM

doign my own thread split   


30 for 30 The Two Escobars 

About the Columbian player tragically killed after scoring an own goal v US in 94 World Cup




tragic and crazy!


Podcast with Chris Armas on Changing the Game

15 April 2020 - 07:00 AM



#162 Chris Armas, NY Red Bulls Head Coach, “Every Player Has a Fire Inside Them, it is our Job to Stoke It”