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In Topic: Some people think the 2017 Open Cup run was lucky

Today, 11:58 AM

One or two MORE league losses can certainly be a big problem. Depending on the baseline, it can absolutely mean missing out on a home playoff game or missing the playoffs altogether. Last year, an extra 3 points would have meant we would have hosted the 1st round rather than playing away.

Or missing the right to host the cup final should you make it.

Im all about CCL but everything else IMO is a distraction.

In Topic: Some people think the 2017 Open Cup run was lucky

Yesterday, 01:09 PM

Others complain that overuse of starters comes back to haunt us in the playoffs. If the roster is not deep enough to field top lineups in both competitions, team may decide to sacrifice the OC for the league. Now, with this third competition, the players will be stretched further.

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I would rather we play the B/C team every year for the open cup.

While I respect the history of the tournament I just dont get excited about it. At all. Id rather see the depth of our program get tested and see if theres a guy who steps up and can really be counted on for the stretch run.

In Topic: Predictions for 2020

Yesterday, 01:05 PM

Any one of Long Parker Tarek goes down, we're screwed.

Disagree. I think we manage much better if Tarek has to fill in for Parker long term than if he has to fill in for Long.

In Topic: Predictions for 2020

Yesterday, 10:04 AM

He's about as good as you're going to get as a 3rd choice CB in MLS.

Hes an okay 3rd CB for this league. Fine to plug in here and there throughout the regular season. I have no problem with that whatsoever. Im glad hes on the roster. Although Id obviously prefer us to be grooming a starter from our academy.

But the topic was if X player goes down we are screwed. No one mentioned Long. So I did. Cause if he goes down with a big time injury or if he goes down in the playoffs...we are screwed.

In Topic: Predictions for 2020

Yesterday, 10:01 AM

Anything in particular you didn't like? I thought he was solid as hell and got better as the season went on.

Terrible and reckless timing.